The perfect anniversary gift: a Cancun vacation

40 years of marriage, now that needs to be celebrated!


I’m not even 40 years old, so the thought of 40 years of anything is foreign to me. However, my parents will be coming up on their 40th wedding anniversary this fall, and an amazing gift is in store. But what exactly? After rattling my brain of typical anniversary gifts, I finally landed on a once in a lifetime trip to one of their favorite countries: Mexico! But where in Mexico?


After some research, I landed on Cancun as the perfect destination due to its beauty, accessibility by plane and myriad of day trips to nearby heritage sites. But is Cancun safe? After recent headlines depicting both Mexico and Cancun as wargrounds for drug cartels, I had my doubts. However, I did my research and found that Cancun is not only safe, but a thriving tourist destination for Americans!

how safe is it to travel to cancun

While I have never actually been to Cancun (and neither have my parents), I was able to get great insight into what the current situation is like in the area from travel expert Mark Murphy and his TravelPulse video on Cancun and the Rivera Maya. He holds nothing back when exploring the true nature of the situation, what authorities are saying, what tourists themselves are saying and his own personal opinions.


After further researching the situation, reading countless forums and talking with some of my own friends who recently traveled to Cancun, I am happy to announce that my parents will be going to Cancun for a special anniversary vacation! While there is crime in the region, it happens well outside the Zona Hotelera and central tourism district of Cancun. Crime is almost exclusively between cartel members as well, and unless you venture off into the outskirts of the city you will be just as safe as you would be in your hometown. The American government has also issued a mere Level 2 travel advisory, which is also the same advisory for countries like Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. I concluded that if one uses common sense, just as they would in their hometown, there is no reason to worry when traveling to Cancun.


Have a wonderful trip Mom and Dad, you deserve it!

Tips for sheltering from the summer heat

Ready for your holiday in Mallorca? The island of relaxation is a destination full of charm that will amaze you. Not only will you be amazed by its incredible beaches and its breathtaking landscapes but also for its delicious gastronomy and the fun village parties. Although summer is one of the best seasons for many to visit the island, the truth is that it is also one of the hottest times. The sun and high temperatures combine and if you are not prepared for it, it can affect your health. Here at Sol Hotels we want you to enjoy your summer in Mallorca to the fullest. Therefore, we have prepared a list of tips in order to take shelter from the heat during your trip to the island.

Drink a lot of water

Don’t wait to be thirsty. It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water daily (approximately two litres) to stay hydrated in high temperatures throughout the day. It is important to drink a sufficient amount of water, since in the summer it is easier to dehydrate and suffer heat stroke. In addition, it is also advisable to consume isotonic drinks to recover the mineral salts that we lose with sweat.

Sun protection

To avoid serious skin burns. If you have not been exposed to the sun for a long time and you are going to visit the beaches of Mallorca, you will need to have a minimum protection of 30. Be careful if you sunbathe in the peak hours of the day, since it is the time in which the sun is at its strongest and there is a greater risk of burns and heat stroke.

Fruits and vegetables

Consume them daily and avoid big meals. If you consume light foods, it will facilitate digestion and mitigate the effects of heat. A very healthy option that, in addition to helping us to escape the high temperatures, is very beneficial for our body.

Avoid doing sports in the middle of the day

Between 12 noon and 6 o’clock in the afternoon. If you do intense physical activity when the sun is at its strongest, there is a risk that you will suffer from sunstroke, so it is recommended to do outdoor sports at sunset.

Keep refreshed

For example, take a dip in the pool at one of our hotels in Calvià, Sol Beach House and Sol Kathmandu Park, while you enjoy a relaxing holiday with the family, your partner and friends.

Enjoy an unforgettable summer in Mallorca and explore every corner of the island. Remember to protect yourself from the sun!

Which are the best sunsets in Mallorca?

Mallorca is a destination full of incredible landscapes, mountains, beaches, cliffs and magical villages and with the arrival of spring and the beginning of good weather you can lose yourself in the island’s beautiful colours that leave their mark on your soul like the stunning sunsets that can be seen from almost anywhere in Mallorca. And if you want to know which are the best, here In Sol Hotels we have made this list to include the 7 sunsets that you can’t miss during your holidays in Mallorca. You will love them!

This is a classic if ever there was one. Enjoy the sunset in a beautiful seaside setting with music and the relaxing atmosphere of one of the most famous beach bars ‘chiringuitos’ in Mallorca. This unique spot can be found just at the entrance to the picturesque village of Deia and it’s a viewpoint that typifies the beauty of Mallorca.


This is a Majorcan gem. After spending a full day on one of the beautiful beaches of Ses Covetes and Es Trenc. Why not experience an incredible sunset, in this ‘chiringuito’ (beach bar), which shows and concerts practically every day of the week throughout the summer.

Sa Creueta Viewpoint

Situated in the Cabo de Formentor, on clear days from this viewpoint you can see the island of Menorca. This beautiful natural setting can be reached by car or by taking a short trip from the Port of Pollença.

Sa Torre de Llucmajor

This is a beautiful natural “balcony” from where you can see not only the sunset but also the imposing cliffs and the Bay of Palma.

Port d’Andratx

One of the most exclusive villages in Mallorca, Port d’Andratx combines the beauty of the start of the Sierra de Tramuntana with the Mediterranean. You can enjoy the sunset from its beautiful promenade or from one of its terraces on the seafront.

Sa Calobra

This is a magical place that is an absolute ’must see’ during your trip to Mallorca. Sa Calobra beach, snuggled in a fascinating mountain setting, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and its viewpoint is the perfect way to finish off a relaxing day.

Ses Puntes Viewpoint

To make a small excursion through the Valldemossa area. This hour-long trip through the Valldemossa area, leads to one of the most magical viewpoints in Mallorca from which you can enjoy incredible panoramic views of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

Fall in love with the picture postcard beauty of Mallorca and stay at the exclusive Sol House, in Calvià and Sol Beach House in the beautiful spot of Cala Blanca. Book now on the Sol Hotels’ official website and benefit from exclusive prices.


Mallorca, a destination for hikers

Do you know that best thing about the winter months is that they are an excellent opportunity to get to know the island’s incredible natural environment? At Sol Hotels, not only  do we love the wonderful Mallorcan beaches, but we are also passionate about its green trails and the magic of its mountains.

For some years, Mallorca has been a perfect destination for hikers due to the large number of hiking and cycling routes that you can experience across the island. Winter and spring are seasons in which a large number of hikers from around the world get together, all eager to get to know the great beauty of Mallorca’s landscape. Are you ready to discover the very different side of Mallorca?

A walk through the Tramuntana

The impressive Sierra de Tramuntana hides beautiful roads and routes that are worth getting to know during your holidays in Mallorca. These are some of the most popular:

  •       Barranco de Biniaraix: probably one of the most typical trips to do near the picturesque town of Sóller. Of medium difficulty, this excursion consists of climbing a ravine via a paved road with approximately 2,000 steps.
  •       Puig de l’Ofre: A ‘must do’ for those who love to complete different routes. The “mysterious volcano of Mallorca” hides legends that you can get to know during the route of great natural beauty, to the ascent of this 1,090 metre high mountain.
  •       Massanella. The second highest mountain in Mallorca, and one of the most beautiful  excursions on the island. This 1,364 metre high peak is situated near the traditional town of Lluc.
  •       La Trapa is ideal to do with children. You will enjoy the incredible views of the island of Dragonera and discover the old monastery of La Trapa which is a ‘must do’ stop.
  •      Torrent de Pareis. One of the most famous trips on the island. It follows the route of a fast flowing stream that descends to the beautiful beach of Sa Calobra, one of Mallorca’s gems.
  •      The Tower of Cala en Basset. A very accessible route that circulates around Andratx, and one of the few that is not part of the Tramuntana. This excursion leads to the Tower of Cala en Basset, an old defense tower with special views and legendary tales of pirates and buccaneers.

Get to know the incredible natural paradise of Mallorca and book your early holidays at Sol Hotels. Have a great time at the Sol Kathmandu Park, relax and pamper yourself at our exclusive Sol House and enjoy partying Mallorcan-style at the vibrant Sol Beach House. Explore Mallorca your way!

Welcome 2018!

This year is yours. This year you will not miss the opportunity. You are clear that this year you will enjoy yourself like never before! Life is made up of good moments and unforgettable experiences, and you will enjoy them to the fullest! With the passing of a wonderful Christmas it gives way to a new year that must include the magic of a beautiful sunset on a paradisiacal beach. It’s time to fill yourself with good intentions and add new challenges to your list of dreams. Get ready for 2018!

From Sol Hotels we wish you a very happy start to the year. We want you to achieve all the goals you have set and enjoy a year full of great experiences and unforgettable moments. We are convinced that this new year will be the beginning of a magical season of prosperity and happiness for the ones we love.

We continue working to offer you the perfect holiday. Those that end with a broad smile and a mojito. Those that leave unforgettable memories in your mind. We want you to enjoy a 2018 full of surprises and magical experiences with your loved ones. Our aim is to offer you the luxury stay you deserve while enjoying exclusive rest and relaxation in our facilities. We know that happiness lies in the smallest of details.

Ready to have a great time? We want you to spend your holiday exactly how you want, that’s why we are happy to adapt to your needs. Whether you choose to travel with your family, your partner or with a group of friends, choose the experience that best suits your style of travel and start planning your dream holiday today.

Speed down the huge slides and enjoy complete family fun at the Sol Katmadú Park resort theme park. On the other hand you can destress and enjoy exclusive services at our and resorts, located just a few metres from the beach.

At Sol Resorts we know that unforgettable moments begin with the warmth and company of our loved ones. We want this year to be full of magical experiences and we want you to enjoy the dream holiday you deserve like never before. Because happiness is all about being exactly where you want at all times. Because this year is ours. Welcome 2018!


Destinations for families looking for Winter sun

Although there are many who see the final weeks of December as the moment in which we activate “blanket, sofa, armchairs and hot wine” as our default mode, for others this Christmas month is the best time to travel and visit destinations that offer us something totally different from what we already have.

 Although it is traditional to travel on these dates with friends, there is nothing like choosing our country’s warmest destinations to spend these dates as a family. Destinations like the Balearic Islands or Canary Islands show their best face when the thermometer drops and are ideal for an alternative holiday. We recommend Ibiza, Lanzarote and the permanently charming island of Tenerife.
A route through Pitïusas
Summery by tradition, the island of Ibiza looks equally beautiful in these winter months in which beach bathing gives way to walking tours and fun sports. Put another way: choosing the biggest of the ‘pitïusas’ in these months of the year is a success, especially if you are hoping to enjoy the sun and the calm of the Balearics as a family.
Along with its many water sports (sailing is among the most popular in winter) and its trekking routes for families, the island is within walking distance of another natural gem of the Balearic Islands: the island of Formentera; a different trip to a place of almost magical natural geography.

 Where to stay in Ibiza? Although there are several family hotels, our recommendation is the Olé Galeón Ibiza.

 Lanzarote and Tenerife with the family
Of the islands that shape the Canaries, Lanzarote and Tenerife are the best options for traveling as a family. On the one hand, the island of Lanzarote is ideal for discovering unique places (such as the house of César Manrique) or fields filled with thousands of cacti originating from the most remote places on the planet.
Although the ascent to Timanfaya, in Lanzarote, is pretty no matter where you look, nothing compares to visiting Mount Teide. Our country’s volcanic gem is one of the most beautiful and impressive excursions that you can do as a family. The best of both destinations is the climate with temperatures exceeding 24 degrees even on these dates.
Where should you stay in Lanzarote and Tenerife? For its quality and its many services for family holidays, this month we recommend the Olé Olivina Lanzarote and the Olé Tropical Tenerife.

Santa Eularia, the most romantic spot on the island of Ibiza

Stroll through its streets adorned with thousands of russet leaves, see the Mediterranean in total calm, enjoy the silence and absorb the pure essence of the White Island. Thus, in a somewhat bucolic way, we could sum up an autumnal trip to Ibiza which is both magical and charming.

 Far from being just a summer destination, and even though it is an ideal haven of peace for all types of travelers, there is nothing better than opting for Ibiza when what is wanted is to enjoy a few romantic days just the two of you as a couple. Which is the best season? The autumn, and which is the best part of the island? Without a doubt, Santa Eulalia del Rio (Santa Eulària des Riu, in Ibiza).
pareja en la playa
Located in the eastern part of Ibiza, Santa Eulalia is one of those places where you can enjoy the island to the fullest and more than ever before: silence, nature, intimacy and charm are just some of its dominant notes. But what should you visit, where should you walk and what mustn’t you miss if you’re a traveler immersed in a romantic getaway? Here are our recommendations for this month from Trips and Hotels:
 1. Puig de Missa: With its mid-sixteenth century church and its flour mills, climbing up to Puig de Missa is an experience. A place where you can breathe the purest air on Ibiza and where you can enjoy unique panoramic views. For something different, why not take a bottle of local wine and a couple of glasses and watch the sunset from your viewpoint. Nothing is more romantic.
2. Strolling through the markets: Hand in hand and with the Ibizan sun as witness, visiting the flea markets on the island that border Santa Eulalia is one of those perfect plans for couples. Those of es Canar and Sant Carles are the best known in the area.
 A walk that you can make last well into the evening and you can finish with a meal or dinner by its exclusive and beautiful marina.
3. Get lost by its coves: Although the Mediterranean is really fresh in the Autumn months, there is nothing like enjoying a romantic stroll along the shore of the most beautiful coves of Santa Eulalia. Although there are a lot, our recommendation is to choose Es Figueral, Cala Nova, Cala Llonga or Cala Martina, which is always beautiful.
An Unequaled Choice for ‘Adults Only’ Travel
Although there are many types of travel (and all are more than respectable), the truth is that – if you are looking for is pure romanticism and relaxation as a couple, there is nothing better than opting for an Adult’s Only Suite in Santa Eulalia.
This Ibizan locality has been chosen by high quality hotels which have created true refuges in which to spend unforgettable days. IBEROSTAR Santa Eulalia is a great example of this and this hotel in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza unites services, leisure and gourmet food in facilities that are worthy of a fairy tale.

New travel trends ‘Luxury’ tourism in Tenerife

Tenerife, is a traditional destination in Spain, and is becoming really popular for VIP people and important celebrities in summer. Despite Majorca and Marbella have always been the favourite places for the jet set in our country, Tenerife and specially Santa Cruz and Costa Adeje are increasingly popular among tourists with high purchasing power, famous people and important figures.

In this sense, the hospitality industry in this island is really committed to increase the number of 5-star hotels and Luxury Grand hotels. The most important hotel chains saw this new trend in Tenerife and decided to increase the hotels’ quality in this island.

luxury hotel in tenerife

IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey

High-tech facilities with specialized services designed for travellers looking for high quality accommodations, nice destination and great customer care. They look for great experiences linked to the destination inside the hotels, which allow them to live the destination at an exclusive and quiet atmosphere, avoiding the crowds of July and August. This implies higher staff and technology investment.

What’s the best thing? You don’t need to be part of the jet set: this is a new characteristic caused by the increased demand for luxury tourism in Tenerife. The prices are affordable and 5-star hotels in the island can be booked also by average travelers. Rates  are balanced at the following hotels:

luxury hotels in Tenerife, as the emblematic  Grand Hotel Mencey,

spa hotels in Tenerife,

– hotels with Jacuzzi in Tenerife and

– Only Adult hotels in Costa Adeje.

You can always find hotels at affordable prices and enjoy luxury hotels at 3-star or 4-star rates, but offering you Grand luxury services, guarantees and quality.

One of the best examples of Grand luxury hotels in Tenerife -newly recognized category- is Grand Hotel El Mirador, managed in Costa Adeje by the hotel chain IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts. It’s an Adults Only hotel with seafront rooms in Playa del Duque and a great spa and wellness area of more than 1000 square meters.

Tips to discover Magaluf

Magaluf is one of the best party areas in Majorca, a little Ibiza popular for the endless nights, the beach and the entertainment. Leisure is really cheap in Magaluf and lots of people book a week break with friends from year to year. Although it’s a holiday destination full of British tourists, there’s also people from around the world. In fact, Magaluf tourism is becoming really diverse.


This recent renovation in this mature tourist area was started by many hotel chains in order to change Magaluf and Palmanova, making important renovations at the different establishments and offering more specialized hotels oriented to travellers of higher purchasing power. They try to maintain a wide offer of services and enhance the surroundings, while taking advantage of the natural resources in this area of Majorca.

Some themed hotels in Magaluf are an extra for the travellers of the 21st century like The Fergus Resort by FERGUS Hotels; Sol Wave House and Sol Katmandu, both from Sol Hotels brand by Melia; Grand Hotel Portals Nous by Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, closer to the area of Puerto Portals and Bendinat, in the coast of Calvia and within a few minutes from Magaluf.

The Fergus Resort, Majorca

The Fergus Resort, Majorca

Sun and beach

Despite Magaluf concept is changing, some traditional characteristics remain: Magaluf is a sun and beach destination, safe and quiet with all sort of health services for travellers and natural areas where to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the great weather. At the coast we can find:

  • Magalluf beach: the idyllic place for beach holidays, friends’ getaways or romantic escapes near fabulous hotels. Its restaurants, kind people and the beach high quality make Magalluf beach a perfect destination.
  • Palma Nova beach: near Magaluf beach and full of services oriented to families.
  • Son Matias beach: the quietest beach in this area, with a leafy pine grove giving swimmers shade on summer hotter days.
  • Palmira beach: relaxing and quiet atmosphere with excellent services.
  • Santa Ponsa beach: the beach of this small town is a great spot for travellers with kids. Its quiet waters, high quality services, parking and charming marina are just great in summer.
  • Unspoiled beaches as Portals Vells or El Mago beach.
El Mago beach

El Mago beach

Sports and daily entertaining

Magaluf and Palmanova offer thousands of possibilities to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. From watersports to golf, gastronomy and parks to have fun with the children or friends.

  • Inside the hotels: darts, tennis, volleyball, golf or ping pong.
  • Marinas and Sailing and diving schools.
  • Bike and car rental for guests.
  • Outdoor pools.
  • Chill out bars and beach clubs.
  • Theme parks for kids: Marineland…
  • Water parks: Western Park
  • Restaurants offering typical and international gastronomy along paseo maritimo in front of the beach.

More and more party

Magaluf offers some of the best parties in the island. The great and vibrant atmosphere dominates this area in Majorca, which has always  been a meeting point for British tourists coming to enjoy springbreaks and exciting summers. Laughs, cold beers at seafront terraces  and the best discos in the island are the key factors of these entertaining holidays. Moreover, Magaluf is just 20 minutes drive from Paseo Maritimo in Palma, which is another key advantage for going out in Majorca.

  • BCM Planet Dance Night Club: a traditional party club at summer nights in Majorca and ranked 6 out of the 100 best clubs in the world.
  • Heaven: the perfect place to enjoy pole dance and lap dance.
  • Panama Jack. Someone at the entrance tells you: “The party ends with the breakfast, ok?”

Suggestions for an easy and cheap holiday

Planning a comfortable holiday to the liking of the whole family, full of proposals and at cheap prices might be an impossible mission, especially if one does not have much time to make a search. As we know that time is money, we have made that search for you and we have selected different cheap accommodation options and entertaining plans for you to combine them and create your own personalised holiday quickly and at the lowest price available.

Holidays under the sun

If you want beach, relax, lounging inan idyllic beach, safe entertainment for children and rest, have a look at these options. The hotels in Ibiza, Tenerife and Lanzarote of the Olé Hotels chain are one of the most complete alternatives for family holidays and they include a lot of relax options. They are beach resorts, located in areas with endless services adapted to all type of travellers, in first class destinations that combine cultural, gastronomic, leisure and wellness plans. Today, these hotels are offering very interesting special discounts for early bookings for these dates. You can also get the All Inclusive plan or choose any of the different accommodation plans for all tastes. The long-term stays (more than 7 nights) have reduced prices.

Another cheap option with quality and a wide variety of services are the hotels on Barelona’s coast of Fergus Hotels. This chain, which has expanded its portfolio in the last years, has created hotels for all tastes in strategic locations. We highlight the experience hotels, like THE FERGUS, near Magaluf beach in Majorca; the Style hotels, design accommodations, and the golf resorts, like the new hotel in Matalascañas. As we have already said, if you want to get the lowest price online, we recommend you to make the reservation from the official website.

Loyalty is rewarded, so if you have already been in any of these hotels, inform the manager.

If you are looking for a hotel in the Canary Islands, Iberostar has 3 resorts in Jandia beach for families recommendable for their price, service and location.

Some of them offer reserved areas for adults, so that you can combine a holiday with children with the rest you deserve. They are also perfect for a sun and beach getaway for couples. The Early Booking will allow you to get a 20% discount in the basic rate, but remember that this is applicable only for early bookings, so check out the conditions in advance.


Wellness holidays

Are you looking for a spa hotel in Costa Adeje or a family hotel in Tenerife? Do not search more: we offer you some of the wellness plans with the best quality price ratio. If you are looking for guaranty, do not hesitate: Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, Melià, Barceló, NH… All these large hotel chains offer premium services at affordable prices. A privileged location and a personalised attention are guaranteed, as well as leisure and gastronomic plans that can be the perfect complement for a relaxing holiday.

If you want to stay in the Peninsula, we recommend you the all inclusive hotel in Marbella with the Early Booking promotion, as well as the luxury hotels in Granada, Almeria or Huelva, being Andalusia one of the destinations with the best guaranty of sun in the country. If you are travelling with your couple, we suggest that you choose an Adults Only hotel and that, if you can, check out the special packages of these types of hotels. The wellness option is not the cheapest one, as many wellness services are charged extra, like the massages, the beauty treatments and the sport classes with personal trainer. However, some of these accommodations offer discounts with the reservation of the room whenever it is done through the official website.

Luxury holidays

Are you thinking of a low cost luxury holiday? Yeah. There are a lot of options whenever you make your reservation as soon as possible. The first ones will be rewarded with some holidays at a 5-star hotel at prices of a 3 or 4-star accommodation. The most exclusive ones are the luxury hotels in Santa Cruz, like the Mencey, the Grand Salomé in Costa Adeje, those in Almeria, like the Envía, or the hotels in the centre of Madrid, as the competence between accommodations in the capital is strong and prices have fallen considerably.

However, getting a luxury accommodation is always more expensive, no matter how good the offer is. But, life’s short and we have to try at least once, so if you want to pamper yourself this 2016, hurry up and make your reservation. Make the most of the 5-star early booking discounts while they last!