El Rompido beach, or your dream holidays in Huelva

Despite the influx of tourists that visit El Rompido for several years, this fishing town preserves the traditional essence of a fishermen, workers and early risers’ town. The beauty of its nature and its charm make you wonder if El Rompido should be the starting point of the tour. Some people just don’t want to visit any other place.

Restaurants, water sports, hiking, running, cycling, golf courses and a great range of hotels. Which activities should you do on your holidays in El Rompido, Huelva?

Recommended activities

  • Enjoy Marismas Natural Park, in Rio Piedras, a funny segway trip.

  • You can enjoy a sailing trip in El Rompido with your couple or you can also win someone’s heart while watching the sunset accompanied by a wine or champagne bottle…What a delight!

  • Karting race in Cartava, a karting circuit within 10 kilometers of El Rompido.

  • You can practice windsurf in El Rompido beach with personalised lessons depending on your expertise or requirements.

  • Visit Los Zuñiga castle, a military building that guarded Rio Piedras shores. It was restored in the last century and now is a National Monument.

  • Dive in Flecha del Rompido and admire the fauna and flora of the Atlantic Ocean. You will never forget this incredible experience.

4-star hotel in El Rompido, Huelva

4-star hotel in El Rompido, Huelva

Accommodation recommendation

If you want to live your dream holidays in Huelva, and particularly in El Rompido, you should choose a hotel that fits your needs. After reviewing all opinions and evaluations, the luxury hotel chain Garden Hotels is the perfect choice. It doesn’t just include luxury rooms at reasonable prices, but a great spa.

Garden Playanatural Hotel is also designed for athletes, both experts and beginners. It has football, tennis and basketball facilities. Finally, it also has a gym open to all guests.

Delicacies of the cuisine of Huelva

One of the best things of travelling is having the opportunity of tasting some of the traditional dishes of Huelva, located between the sea and mountains and marked by the geographic characteristics of this province. The cuisine of this region is marked by sea products such as the shellfish and the fish, as well as by meats and vegetables.

But regarding the cuisine of Huelva, the first thing that comes to mind are some of its star products, such as the exquisite Jabugo ham, coming from free range pigs from  the hills of this small town. We also know full well the strawberries of Huelva, a regional fruit that becomes traditional since 90’s. And in respect of the shellfish, the star product is the white prawn from Huelva.

The food of Huelva could be considered as a food with intense and traditional flavours, whose most typical dishes are characterized by the meat, fish and vegetables. I really recommend among its traditional meat dishes (in which the lamb and pig prevail) for example, the caldereta de cordero or carrillera de cerdo.

Among fishes and shellfishes, it is very usual the tuna with tomato, raya al pimentón, pargo encebollado or the swordfish. We cannot miss the opportunity to try the dried salted tuna of Huelva, the cuttlefish (similar to a squid) or the coquina, typical molluscs from Costa de la Luz.

On the other hand, in the cuisine of Huelva, the vegetable stews are also cooked, as well as the habas enzapatás, made with broad beans, pennyroyal and garlics, or the chickpeas with spinach. 

Regarding the cakes and pastries, some delicacies very recommended are the cakes from Huelva, torta real or the delicious quince jelly.

Recommended hotels in Huelva:

–          Flamero Hotel

–          Dunas de Doñana Golf Resort Hotel  

–          Sensimar Isla Cristina Palace Hotel

El Rocío: a charming small village

El Rocío is a small and charming village situated in the Almonte municipality, province of Huelva. Thousands of people go on a pilgrimage to this famous destination to show its devotion to the Virgin of El Rocío, known as the “White Dove”.

El Rocio pilgrimage is celebrated during the week previous to the Whit Monday, 50 days after the Easter Sunday. During the dawn of the Whit Monday, the people of Almonte carry the Virgin throughout all the brotherhoods of the small village.

Thousand of people make part of this religious rite and go on a pilgrimage to El Rocío from different points of Andalusia. During these days, the small village also receives many people attracted by the expectations created by this worldwide event.

For those preferring to visit El Rocío without so many crowds, the best thing is to visit it in different dates where there is more calm, since the village receives throngs of people those days, packing the restaurants and the local accommodations. The rest of the year, many people visit El Rocío to venerate the Virgin, although the quantity is less.

But besides its religious character, El Rocío is also an ideal place for practising equestrian activities. Actually, this small village is a real model in these sense in Andalusia.

Likewise, another of its attractions is the natural environment, surrounded by the Doñana National Park, which we need to cross on the way to the village and where we can contemplate a unique natural landscape. Additionally, it is located 15 kilometres away from Matalascañas and its lovely sand dunes range.

Recommended hotels near to El Rocío:

–          Flamero Hotel

–          Dunas de Doñana Golf Resort