Welcome 2018!

This year is yours. This year you will not miss the opportunity. You are clear that this year you will enjoy yourself like never before! Life is made up of good moments and unforgettable experiences, and you will enjoy them to the fullest! With the passing of a wonderful Christmas it gives way to a new year that must include the magic of a beautiful sunset on a paradisiacal beach. It’s time to fill yourself with good intentions and add new challenges to your list of dreams. Get ready for 2018!

From Sol Hotels we wish you a very happy start to the year. We want you to achieve all the goals you have set and enjoy a year full of great experiences and unforgettable moments. We are convinced that this new year will be the beginning of a magical season of prosperity and happiness for the ones we love.

We continue working to offer you the perfect holiday. Those that end with a broad smile and a mojito. Those that leave unforgettable memories in your mind. We want you to enjoy a 2018 full of surprises and magical experiences with your loved ones. Our aim is to offer you the luxury stay you deserve while enjoying exclusive rest and relaxation in our facilities. We know that happiness lies in the smallest of details.

Ready to have a great time? We want you to spend your holiday exactly how you want, that’s why we are happy to adapt to your needs. Whether you choose to travel with your family, your partner or with a group of friends, choose the experience that best suits your style of travel and start planning your dream holiday today.

Speed down the huge slides and enjoy complete family fun at the Sol Katmadú Park resort theme park. On the other hand you can destress and enjoy exclusive services at our and resorts, located just a few metres from the beach.

At Sol Resorts we know that unforgettable moments begin with the warmth and company of our loved ones. We want this year to be full of magical experiences and we want you to enjoy the dream holiday you deserve like never before. Because happiness is all about being exactly where you want at all times. Because this year is ours. Welcome 2018!


Pirates Village Apartments: a great summer adventure

Summer holidays with children can be difficult to plan, specially if you try to meet everyone’s wishes. But if you present them a really attractive proposal, you will surely get a loud ‘Yes!’ as an answer along with a big smile. Great success for the parents then.

This was probably the idea that managers of Gran Isla Hotels had in mind when they decided to customize one of their hotels in Majorca with a topic that has always been really attractive to children, such a pirates, always a synonymous of action and adventure in exotic places.

At Pirates Village Apartments, every member of the family will immerse into a fun environment whose main purpose is that both parents and children can enjoy their holidays with a wide range of activities conceived to enjoy together or separately which can vary from sports to games of all kind, specially all type of water games.

The pirate experience starts just as you enter the website of the hotel, fully customized and with a modern attractive appearance that comes from the images shown of the animated movie that Gran Isla Hotel created to explain the origin of Pirates Village, The Captain of the Rose, which is shown both at the movie theater of the hotel and its outdoors stage.

Once you arrive at the hotel the trip to the pirates world begins with a fully customized façade which gathers all the elements you may expect on every pirate vessel: cannons to aboard the enemies boat, jewels from the found treasures, a great treasure map and, surely, a great wooden skull wearing a red buccaneer’s bandana.

Customization spreads through all outdoors and indoors areas of the hotel, in which you may find all kind of spaces decorated with pirate topics, whether if it’s a boat or the caves in which they hide their treasures.

And it becomes especially intense in the swimming areas, with the children swimming pool Pirates Bay and the Pirate Tower swimming pool, as well as in the areas specifically meant for children, such as the Pirate Cave Mini Club, a new concept of nursery in which they can enjoy a full range of activities.

The shows programmed by the hotel for its guests, which run almost everyday, have also mostly a pirate atmosphere. The group of buccaneers that is the animation team are in charge of reminding the special place they are in during the day. At night, a wide variety of shows can be enjoyed, including the successful Pirate attack, which runs every Sunday.

With all those events, Gran Isla Hotels, who manages other four hotels in Majorca, presents the perfect solution to the parents that must think where to spend the best holidays with their kids: Pirates Village Apartments, where they can have a break full of fun without the need of thinking everyday how to entertain their children. Let the hotel take care of that.

Customizing this hotel has been a great deal that has received a great welcoming on the audience side. As a matter of fact, many of Pirates Village Apartments’ guest actually repeat their experience the following year and they can keep in touch with this hotel throughout the whole year thanks to their loyalty program GI Club.

Rest, family, entertainment: everything you need in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Although nightlife identifies Ibiza, neon lights and nightclubs are not everything. As an example, Santa Eulalia del Rio called Santa Eulalia because it is the only river in the Balearic Islands. This river differs from any river you could find in the Balearic islands, what is making more and more special your stay in Ibiza. Do you want to know more?

Santa Eulalia del Río, Ibiza

Goblins from Santa Eulalia

Yes. Ibiza’s secret

As legend has it, the so-called fameliars are little goblins which walk across Santa Eulalia in the peaceful night. If you want to see a goblin, visit Santa Eulalia, as it is the only place where they want to stay. Moreover, there will be for sure many more places you would like to visit.

What should I visit in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza?

Mirador del Puig de Missa and Paseo Maritimo are places that you should visit in Santa Eulalia. You must also visit two places which have become typical in the island for more than 40 years.The hippy markets of Punta Arabi and Las Dalias opening every Wednesday in Es Canar and every Saturday in San Carlos respectively are now visited by lots of tourists who can get amazing metal or precious stones pieces at low price.

Where should I stay in Ibiza?

Undoubtedly, you should  stay in Santa Eulalia. The peaceful atmosphere allows you to rest and relax. There’s a 3-star hotel in a wonderful place. The only adults hotel Paraiso Beach, member of FERGUS Hotels, is really close to Cala Marquina and Punta Arabi hippy market, the most famous one in the island. In FERGUS Paraiso Beach you will discover that Ibiza is much more than nightclubs and eternal nights, becoming a place where you can relax and enjoy the quietness of the area.

Another way to say “holidays”

There is another way of saying and live your holidays. A more complete way, adapted to the new trends, tastes and needs that we all have when travelling and dream of our perfect week. And, luckily, the hotel industry has realized this and there are alternatives that really make a difference. Because we deserve the best possible holiday, in this post we tell you about a new holiday approach, Sol Hotels.

The hotel options for family holidays has completely changed and has been completely renovated. After two years of refurbishments, renovations, new designs and analysis, this brand which is part of the Melia hotel group has found the key and now offers a complete catalogue of themed hotels in Majorca and other parts of the Spain and the world, that are really a space to be discovered. Almost, one might say, a tourist attraction in itself.

Sol Katmandu Park Resort

We take as a starting point some of its most emblematic and revolutionary hotels in Majorca, such as the Sol Katmandu Park, an accommodation which is an amusement park for families located in Magaluf, just steps from the beach. At this hotel, the holiday experience with children takes on another dimension because, not only does it provide rest and comfort but also unique leisure alternatives inside the resort itself.

Another modality, geared towards adults and young people who want to enjoy a beachfront hotel in Magaluf is the Sun Beach House hotel, where everything has that cool, modern and cutting-edge atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

With regards to children, we cannot forget to mention its world famous Flintstones hotels, which are like theme parks inspired by the classic cartoon series. These hotels create a spectacular space of fun for the smallest members of the family without neglecting the needs of adults.

All of these hotels, and the different versions offered in other parts of the Spanish geography. Prices have obviously risen with respect to the previous hotels buttheservices have also increased regarding category and quality. The locations remain exceptional and personalized attention is a plus which have given priority in all destinations.

Booking one of these exclusive hotels is complicated because the reservations are made and from one year to another and occupation is almost 100% from season to season. So, if you want to enjoy the experience, our advice is not to wait until 2016 to book your holiday. Rates right now are cheaper and the choice of type ofroomsare much more varied.

For online bookings, which usually always guarantee the lowest price online as it is a direct booking with no intermediaries, Sol Hotels has an official website where to book.

Olé Hotels opens the doors of the new 21st century holiday resorts

Fresh, amusing, very complete and exceptionally located, this is how the new holiday resorts created by Olé Hotels are. With hotels in Lanzarote, Tenerife and Ibiza, its name has strongly grown in the last years designing a renewed concept of family resorts, changing the traditional model for a wider offer, more specialized and focused on providing fun and rest for kids and adults as compatible as possible.

All the Olé Hotels, including its resorts in Tenerife and Lanzarote, and its resort in Ibiza, have gotten support from their guests with excellent reviews on reference websites such as Tripadvisor. (By the way, the hotel’s director himself answers the reviews and opinions).

Generally, they are very positive opinions from people that travel with family during high season and from couples that travel in spring or autumn.  They all agree on standing out the cleanliness, variety of breakfasts and quality of restaurant products, as well as personal attention and small details such as welcome drink during check-in, chocolates, high quality amenities…

Although the traveller profile is usually a middle aged foreigner with children that spend one or two holiday weeks in the islands, there are a considerable number of Spanish travellers who prefer these new family resorts. They especially value the quietness, gastronomy, view from the room, price and services for children (pools, mini club and playgrounds that strictly meet the safety standards and include instructor’s attention and accredited entertainer).

Some of the most usual reviews are about the fact of not being new, but refurbished hotels, with which they have wanted to revitalise touristic areas such as the family hotels in Costa Adeje or Ibiza that aren’t usually up to date in these terms.  In this case, it is truth that the refurbishment has been focused on design and some services, but there is not a structural reconsideration of the entire establishment, and they have not built new and big spaces on the current ones.

In fact, their renovation is more about concept: the experience that you can enjoy in Olé Tropical Tenerife is very different from what this hotel offered before being refurbished. Its spaces are the same, its location too, but the change is more than evident. All its rooms in Costa Adeje are spacious, bright, with new furniture; swimming pools are modern and safest, adapted to adults and children in order to preserve the quietness for adults and fun for kids; buffets are oriented at healthier dishes, standing out fresh products and offering options for all tastes, ages and needs.

Besides the price, the advantage is the quality of the attention and the complete service they offer. In any of these hotels for families and couples in Lanzarote, Tenerife and Ibiza you can assure a quiet holiday with children, without starts, enjoying the destination and the comfort of a complete experience in the same place without complications.

Summer holiday offers can be already checked online on the sites of every resort, guaranteeing the best price online, since if you book through their websites, you don’t have to pay any intermediary because you book directly with the hotel.

Basic services of family hotels

Family hotels aren’t the way they were before. Nowadays, due to the changes on the demand of new travellers, as well as the evolution of family destinations in Spain, the services of these types of accommodations have changed, leaving some of them behind and promoting other new ones.

Travelling with all the family involves more complications than travelling as a couple, since in many cases yo do not travel only with your kids, but also your uncles and aunts, nephews or grandparents. In these cases, when you travel with a large family, booking an accommodation adapted to these specific needs is essential if you want a pleasant trip to enjoy the holiday.

 Family hotels

Although they all call themselves “family accommodations”, we must bear in mind that not all these hotels offer the basic services that families need nowadays. So we have made a short review of the family hotels in Spain and a list with things you should consider before booking.

1)      Family rooms:  Many hotels offer family rooms but, in fact, you find a double room with extra bed. If you pay a family room, you should ask for a space or special beds for children (some hotels in Madrid of Petit Palace chain offer funny beds specially designed for kids) and certain facilities: DVD, games console, amenities for children, gifts, toys… Even the bathroom should be adapted: it is better a bath than a shower and toilets specially designed for kids. Terraces and balconies should also have a special protection,  with longer railings or enclosed balcony.

2)      Playground or game rooms:  Although urban hotels do not usually offer this kind of spaces, family beach resorts should always have a game area for kids to have fun in their free time.

3)      Miniclub: A must. The truth is that few family hotels in Majorca, the Canary Islands or Andalusia lack this service, since it is one of the favourite ones of kids and adults. Nevertheless, it is important to check if they offer not only play activities but also educational as for environment, sport, languages… Likewise, we should consider if the miniclub offers excursions to the beach, natural parks or to the centre of the town.

4)      Entertainment team and babysitting:  Without them, holiday is not possible. Or at least, it would not be so quiet. A family hotel or resort with a good professional team in charge of entertaining the kids is an advantage that has become a basic service. Some hotels have even extended the working hours of their instructor in order to offer babysitting service at night, so that parents can enjoy a romantic dinner or a night out.

5)      Swimming pools:  Splash pools with slides, jets, circuits of water games…  Family beach resorts in Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote are up to date in this sense and many of them have renewed their swimming areas in order to offer a funny alternative for kids. Some of them have also invested on spas for children and a completely new world for the little ones: Flintstones Hotels.


Best way to travel with children

Although it seems early to start to plan the next 2015 summer holidays, many parents are already analysing the destination, accommodation and airline tickets. It is worth organizing a trip in advance, since now most of the hotel chains offer the best discounts: children stay free, early booking… And, besides, it is always easier to find now the accommodation you want than later, when rooms are almost sold out and availability is limited

Planning your holiday trip in advance is even most important when you travel with children or with all the members of the family (grandparents, uncles, nephews…) since the flexibility is much less if you are in charge of others.

A very easy way of considering the holiday with family is beginning to organise it soon, but also choose the most compatible destination with all those who will make part of the trip. Andalusia, the Spanish Levante, the Canary Islands or Majorca are always good options, because they combine all types of leisure possibilities: active tourism, water sports, complete cultural schedule for children and adults, interesting places to visit, theme parks, gastronomy…

 Flintstone Hotels by Sol Hotels

Once the destination is chosen, the accommodation is the priority, it is even more important than the airline or train tickets, or the car route. Family hotels in Ibiza, beach resorts in Tenerife, theme hotels for children in Majorca… All of them offer specialized services for those who travel with kids and also want to enjoy their own holiday.

If you feel identified and if you are looking for holiday with children compatible with your rest, you must ensure a hotel with children’s entertainment, babysitting service, playgrounds and workshops.

Majorca is, in this sense, one of the tourist destinations where you ca rel=”nofollow”n find some of the best hotels for families. There you can choose among hotels with miniclub in Playa de Muro, in the north of the island and hotels with miniclub in Playa de Palma, just 2 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes away from the centre of the Balearic capital.

But, in addition to services for children, it is necessary to seek an accommodation that gives you freedom and leisure plans for you to enjoy while your kids have fun in the miniclub or on the beach. So, you can include in your list golf hotels in Llucmajor, Majorca; family resorts in Lanzarote and hotels in Jandia with reserved areas for adults.

Choose hotels with family rooms, adjoining or double rooms with bunks or extra beds because it will give you the advantage of having always your children close, without giving up space.  Likewise, try to stay at a hotel close to the main places and stations of the destinations, in order to have an easy access to public transport and travel the city quickly and comfortably.

Once you have chosen your holiday resort, you can choose your flight. Many companies offer discounts for large families to the main beach destinations in Spain, specially to the islands. Opting for travelling by car is also a good option if you prefer a hotel in Andalusia or Levante, but try to plan a short route. Remember that your holiday begins in the first minute of your trip, not when you have arrived to the destination.

Travelling with children

Even in the middle of the crisis, many parents spare no expense on their children.  In the same vein, family tourism keeps booming in the entire Europe and, especially, in Spain, since this country is one of the main destinations for those European travelling with children. The hotels specialization in this tourist sector progresses at the same pace, creating a network of services designed in full detail to guarantee comfortable, safe and funny holidays for all the members of the family.

The annual tourism figures indicate that family tourism represents the second or third  niche market in Spain after the couple tourism, taking  only into account those families that only travel with children under 18 years –although 16 years old teenagers want to distance themselves from parents and travel with friends–. The average expenses are changeable, since the range is so wide that you can go from the simplest low cost to the most exuberant luxury.

Half of tourists to Spain travel with family , this is especially noticeable in places related to family tourism such as Andalusia and Catalonia. This last one, actually, is one of the main European regions with the accreditation of preferential destination for families.

The most important snag of family tourism is its seasonality, which depends on the children’s holiday and their needs. Large trips are usually made in summer, between July and August. The last weeks of August –especially in Spain– are less favourable, since many parents prefer to go back to home in order to calmly prepare return to school.  Nevertheless. there are more and more families taking short trips throughout the year and taking advantage of 4 days holidays for a getaway. Near and comfortable, that is for sure!

Family plans, new services and free airline services, special accommodation promotions such as Kids Stay Free, adaptation of hotel infrastructures… This sector has worked (and keeps working)  very hard towards attracting this public that always choose wonderful sun and beach destinations  This is the reason by which big hotel chains with a wide leisure and restaurant offer opt for restructuring mature family destination in order to guarantee the same prosperity in the future.

As a result of this work, we can enjoy theme family hotels such as the Flintstones Hotels of Sol Hotels, hotels with miniclub in Majorca, hotels for children in Lanzarote, or that accommodations that are authentic amusement parks. There is also a growing work for incorporating services for parents and children in All Inclusive Hotels in Fuerteventura, creating exclusive areas for adults in those typical family resorts in Jandia.

Beach is usually better than mountain when we travel with children. This is why the favourite destinations for families in Spain are the islands, both the Balearic and the Canary Islands –these ones have the advantage of having sun during all the year– and Levante and Andalusia. British, German, French and Nordic travellers are the most regular visitors , although in the last years, thanks to new air connections specially created for summer season,  Italian, Swiss and Russian tourists have joined this trend. Opting for a good hotel for children in Majorca, an All Inclusive hotel in Cala Ratjada or a hotel with miniclub in Playa de Muro is always a good choice: all the accommodations in these areas are perfectly equipped, well connected and offer a safe and quiet environment.

But holidays with family are not planned according to the destination, as happens with trips with friends, since the  family trip motivation is mainly this: an offer including relax, leisure and fun for all the family members, especially for kids. Nevertheless, travellers look for more and more complete alternatives and this is the reason by which we can now enjoy, for example,  the new line of spa hotels in Fuerteventura, spa hotels in Tenerife similar to exclusive Adults Only hotels in areas such as Illetas, Majorca, but with no end of activities and services for kids to have fun as they please while parents relax.


Family holidays in Ibiza

Planing a family holiday might be complicated unless we find a hotel with services for children which allows us to combine the relax we all search during holidays with the family activities. In Ibiza we find many hotels for families which offer these type of services: entertainment for children, children’s swimming pool and Jacuzzis for adults or even buffets with children’s menus which will delight the youngest members of the family.

Hotel with children's pool

Hotel with children’s pool


Before we take a decision, it is important to choose a hotel with a good location to visit the main tourist attractions for families and enjoy the hotel activities. In the white island we find many must-visit places where children will have a good time while they discover some of the autochthonous species from Ibiza or its traditions. In the village of Sant Antoni de Portmany we find one of the most interesting sites for families in Ibiza: the Aquarium Cap Blanc, also known as “the cave of the lobster”. The cave was used as a lobster hatchery and was turned into an aquarium for marine conservation in 1989. In order to conclude a leisure day in the underground of Ibiza, we recommend you visit the Can Marçà Caves, 20 km away from the capital, where children will be able to learn about the formation of these natural spots.

 Hotel for families in Playa d’en Bossa

Hotel for families in Playa d’en Bossa

If you are travelling to the island in winter, you cannot miss some of the best beaches for families: Cala Turida, a beach with an easy access and parking, Platja d’en Bossa or Es Figueral, with showers, lifeguards, hammocks, access for disabled people and parking. But if you prefer to enjoy the family calmness, we recommend you visit some of the less crowded beaches of the island, such as Cala d’Hort, from where you may contemplate the magic islet of Es Vedrà, or Es Pout des Lleó, located 5 km from Santa Eulària des Riu, a paradisiac sandy cove with fishermen’s huts: a perfect place for scuba diving.

Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza, a hotel to enjoy with children

It is not always easy to find good hotels for children in Ibiza. The famous “white island” of the Mediterranean, is one of the most frequent summer destinations in our country and yet, its great tradition for partying and nightlife has practically made it an exclusive destination for young people around the world who come to enjoy the best electronic music and the relaxed atmosphere of its beaches.

However, things seem to be changing and in recent years, many hotels in Ibiza have been launching a new tourist proposal, with the aim of attracting young people, that are now travelling with their children.

Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Hotel

Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Hotel

They are hotels with services tailored to all ages: family rooms, interconnected, suites, areas to share with children, menus and children’s play areas, swimming pools for children, mini club, spa and chill out areas for parents… and all types of details designed to combine the essence of the island, its most friendly and quiet side with its nightlife and sophisticated side.

Daily newspapers, airport transfers, gym, sports and the most complete facilities are at the service of those parents travelling with children. At the same time, the island has managed to increase its leisure offer and activities for the whole family, with the aim of providing this new tourist demand, a solution to their necessities, without loosing that special charm that makes Ibiza an island with a young and hippie spirit.

Hotel for families in Ibiza

Hotel for families in Ibiza

A good example of these hotels for children in Ibiza is the Fiesta Palladium Palace Ibiza Hotel, located in one of the best areas of Playa d’en Bossa and with a spectacular service for families. Built on the most famous beach of Ibiza, it combines exceptionally the charming and relax atmosphere of a hotel for families and the elegance and sophistication of the most exclusive hotels in Ibiza.

There seems to be a growing number of specialised resorts that increase at the same rate as those accommodations designed for adults only, or those that are committed for the effective brand of the “party island”. At a lower level, we find rural hotels, accommodations that allow pets or the resorts for athletes, that are experiencing a boom in neighbouring destinations, such as the island of Majorca.