Dann, Hotels with history

To speak about Dann Hotels is to talk about one of the famous hotel chain in Latin America. A hotel with more than half century which is one of the chain’s flagship and it’s the Dann 19 Avenue in Bogotá. This Colombian company has been creating, opening, renewing and transforming hotels in different country areas, several places in the capital and even some incursions to neighbour countries like the Dann Hotel Quito.

One step at a time, with a taste for contemporary architecture, modern and avant-garde designs with a classic touch, a well-cared guest service. The Dann Portfolio is today just perfect, where you can find all kind of accommodations for every travel, need and situation.

Business hotels, hotels for health trips, hotels though strictly for vacations and fun. Specially those urban hotels that make the difference about quality in Colombia over the past few years. With a traditional but European touch, similar to the best international hotels, trying to gain all these segment of business traveller or high standing, those who come to the capital and want to combine business and rest.

Many people had given the proper credit for the hard work and business development of the firm, while others had begun to see the change they made with their line of quality customized accommodations and its stability in the Colombian society. And beyond that: they succeed not only here but outside the country as well.

When we talk about the progress of this chain hotel we can’t ignore the Hotel Casa Dann Carlton that has become a reference in Bogotá not only for its accommodation service, it’s also a meeting point and a distinguishing element for the right way to improve in the Colombian tourism industry in matters of hotels. A place that applies the Dann’s slogan perfectly with the unique designs, the service and the staff standard.

Another worthy hotel, located in the same city but not so long-open like the 19 Avenue is the Dann Bogotá Norte, It may not enter in the luxury hotel category of Carlton but it is one of the first business hotels of the chain that are fully equipped to fulfil all the guests that come to the capital for business strictly. Over the last years, the hotel had expand their services, aiming to gain a more varied customers: Cultural, urbanist, couples, and shoppers.

The future is now, although they might had an ace up their sleeve and surprise us soon with some new hotel challenge and keep making the difference. Keep making history.



Bucaramanga, the Colombian city of parks

Bucaramanga is one of those places where you just want to turn off your cell phone, take off your watch and let the city guide you through its lovely streets an undiscovered places in the city. This little piece of heaven full of magic, identity and personality. Not in vain it’s the city called the “ciudad bonita” (pretty city) by the locals.

The city located northeast of Colombia, in the Santander department, over the east Andes. The city is famous thanks to its parks, appreciate by the tourists and residents too.

Therefore, the best way to know the city is making a tour through the Bucaramanga parks located around the whole city. Both if you’re traveling along and want to enjoy the environment and find a nice spot to read or if you’re with your family or your couple and want to enjoy a memorable experience surrounded by the beautiful fauna and the special places designed to relax.

Some places you can’t miss if you’re travelling to the Buracamanga’s most touristic places are the Parque del Agua, with 3, 6 hectares or the Parque de las Palmas, one of the most emblematic parks of the city surrounded by cafés and restaurants.

We also recommend you to pay a visit to the García Rovira Park downtown, the Antonia Santos Park with an exotic vegetation, or the Santander Park, which is near to other touristic spots such as the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, The Club del Comercio or the international centre of the Triada.

If you’re planning a holiday to Bucaramanga you will find a wide accommodation offer for all audience. But the one that outstands is the Dann Carlton Bucaramanga. This exquisite deluxe hotel in Bucaramanga highlights thanks to its modern architecture and its warm design, an experience complemented by its high quality service, turning in it into one of the most important hotels in the city.


Popayan, where an old monastery becomes a magical place

The White City hides more than Colombian history between its walls, it now offers tradition, exotism and innovation in a single place. Do you dare to discover it?

If you’re planning to stay in the Colombian White City you definitely have to choose the Dann Monasterio Popayán Hotel and surround yourself with good energy, wealth and relaxation. This hotel located in the heart of one of the most historic cities of Colombia, is a symbolical place for the city because it represents its beauty and elegance. If the reason of your travel is cultural, then this city is a must, and even more, if you want to spend the night in a 1570 Franciscan monastery, learn about this antique place with a Spanish colonial architecture, that is now a deluxe distinguished accommodation.

The hotel history will engulf you and will make your stay and incredible and magical experience. This unique place combines the old spirit that is the essence of the White City with a modern service. Its traditional elegance and its charming classic and emblematic structures made this deluxe hotel an unmissable destination in Popayán in your dreaming holidays, so take a chance, prepare yourself to be surrounded by the best amenities and be treated like a king.

Luxury hotel in Popayan

Luxury hotel in Popayan

These hotel suites and bedrooms in Popayan are a faithful tribute to its past (a lovely combination of classic and modern style), a beautiful indoors garden, a pool, two restaurants with a menu full of international and typical flavours, sauna, Turkish bath, gym, 6 meeting rooms for 250 guests, reception open all day long, free Wi-Fi and a business centre. The hotel is close to the Popayán airport, next to the Guillermo Valencia Museum, the clock tower, the Asunción Cathedral in the centre of Popayán, the San Francisco church and the modern art Negret museum.

The Dann Carlton Hotel opens its doors for you to enjoy the best luxuries and comfortable 5 star services, right in the heart of the White City. Popayán gathers the best of its gastronomy, history and tradition to charm yourself from the beginning of your arrival. Enjoy every inch of the capital of Cauca department along with the hotel delights and comfort.

And remember that there are some incredible memories and situations that may change your life, come to this city and take a few days to know its history, as well as modernity, enjoyment and absolute relaxation. Book online now and start your journey to this wonderful experience.

Luxury and exclusiveness in the Dann Carlton Bogotá Hotel

Today’s review is dedicated to a very special place: The Dann Carlton Bogotá Hotel. This deluxe accommodation normally host businessmen that always demand the best quality service and a top class hotel assistance.

It is a deluxe 5 star hotel in the north of Bogotá, close to the famous Calle 100, the perfect location since it’s just a few steps from the capital commercial area. Perfect to stay during business trips, ideal for those business travellers who seek a high quality accommodation near the most important business areas.

The Dann Carlton Bogotá bedrooms outstand for their beautiful design, with an elegant and exclusive touch. Every corner of the hotel has a mild atmosphere which makes it a really warm place. The hotel has a total of 139 bedrooms with different categories, special for every guest, there are double bedrooms, double superior or suites for those who enjoy the most distinguished environment.

The Dann Carlton it’s also a hotel for events in the north area of Bogotá, your best option to host an exclusive event, it has 12 meeting rooms with different capacity, designed for every occasion. They all have the most advanced technology, like video channels for conferences, audio and lights, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and more. Additionally, the hotel also has a logistic advice service for guests to help you in any event you need.

The services offered in this luxury hotel in Bogotá, are what you can expect from a 5 star accommodation where exclusiveness and luxury are essential hotel values. The Dann Carlton Bogotá also offers to their guests an elegant massage room and sauna service, a gym equipped with all kind of gym machines and fitness equipment, as well as some comfortable common places where you can relax.

The business travellers will also enjoy the business centre, a comfortable place if you need to work, as well as free Wi-Fi in the whole hotel. Last but not least the restaurant is an elegant place where you can enjoy the most delicious dinners and it also offers a breakfast buffet.

So if you’re coming to the Colombian capital for business or for fun but you want a quality and exclusive accommodation, be our guest in this 5 star hotel, luxury at your fingertips.

An emblematic street in Bogotá

Calle 100 in Bogotá, also called Avenida España, is one of the main streets of the capital of Colombia, business and shopping centre, and also a comfortable and safe residential area in the north of Bogotá.  There you find also some of the best hotels in Bogotá for business travellers and leisure trips to the city, and in the next years, its aspect and surroundings will be renovated and improved.

The public program “Bogotá Avanza” (Bogotá advances) comprises a series of projects intended to relieve the main roads connected to the rest of the capital and several private projects will build new offices in the area where Avenida España joins to the 7 avenue, next to the bridge that will be replaced by a lower one with an underground station of public transport.

 Dann Carlton Bogota Hotel Suite

Dann Carlton Bogota Hotel Suite

In this area, shops, business and cultural centres, and green areas to walk will be created. The aim is to revitalize the less visited areas and enliven the entire street, taking advantage of its location, one of the safest areas in the city where many people live.

in the surroundings of this large avenue are located the San José de Calasanz Church, a residential park, the Venezuelan Consulate, the Military University of Nueva Granada, Armas y Servicios School, Patria Theatre.

Finding an accommodation in this area is very easy, especially if you are looking for a business hotel in Bogotá, business trips or corporate meetings.  Some of the most outstanding ones are Calle 100 Bogotá Hotel, Dann Carlton Bogotá and Parque 93 Bogotá Hotel.