Dubai, an authentic oasis on the Persian Gulf coast

Open your eyes and dawn in the most cosmopolitan city in the world and one of the most exclusive. Can you imagine that you could do it with a little snap of your fingers? Something like this is what we have proposed this week in the blog Trips & Hotels: to make you travel by the reading to Dubai, one of the jewels of the UAE and one of the unique destinations that we should all visit at least once in our lives. And what’s more, why not land in the emirates land on your next Easter vacations?

While the most reticent will say that it is nothing more than a city close to the great desert, Dubai is certainly a unique place in the world… Something like an oasis on the Persian Gulf coast where you will find places of extreme beauty and where you can have unrepeatable experiences. The most recommended of them? Let us briefly review why it is one of the most incredible cities in the world:

A constantly evolving skyline

A difference from other cities like New York, Paris or Prague,; Dubai has a profile (aka “skyline”) that is constantly evolving and it’s investment in new buildings is so high (and constant) that year after year it’s executive areas are recreated with new skyscrapers that reach shocking heights and impossible forms.

Those who have visited the city and have stayed in a hotel in Bur Dubai (such as the exclusive Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa) will realize that in addition to the executive buildings themselves, there are several 4-star hotels in Dubai that adopted authentic palace forms. Yes, a way of living our thousand and one nights in the heart of the Arabian Desert.

The small Venice of Dubai

Although it is very close to the Arabian Desert, Dubai has an exclusive coastline where corners take shape, like Dubai Creek. A small Venice on the waters of the Persian Gulf where you can enjoy a ride in charming wooden boats. In addition to being located in one of the oldest areas of the capital, the place is unique for its relaxing atmosphere and its heart-stopping panoramic views.

Ski Dubai

One of the many attractions that Dubai offers is skiing. Skiing? Yes skiing, and nothing less than one of the most relevant indoor slopes in the world. With its more than twenty thousand square meters, these facilities offer a unique experience that very few can resist.

A sun that is born magically

Many will say that the dusk of Dubai is incredible, however we – who have been fortunate enough to experience the sunrise and sunset of the king star – realize that there is nothing like the dawn to appreciate that magic that we like so much in the Arab Emirates. Of course, to have the experience you have to be ready to get up early as it comes.

The perfect plan for Valentine’s day: a trip to a boutique hotel

Whether you are more or less romantic, once the date February 14th approaches it’s normal to get that urge to surprise your partner with something nice, romantic and original – even if you don’t really know why… Just a small detail that helps show how you feel about the person you share your life with.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so best choose a good gift for the two of you. Our choice this month couldn’t be any clearer: what about gifting a stay in a boutique hotel on a quick trip to one of the destinations in this country that never cease to amaze. This month we opted for three heavyweights: Madrid, Seville and the eternally beautiful Barcelona.



Sevilla, always authentic and romantic

Few cities in this country are as romantic as Seville, the capital of Andalusia. With its streets and squares full of charm and a culture that is unique of its kind, with a character that makes you fall in love from the first minute, this city is the perfect destination if you want to experience a unique and highly romantic Valentine’s Day.

Out of all the places to visit, the Santa Cruz neighbourhood takes first prize thanks to its beauty and its art. A neighbourhood where we find some of the most romantic boutique hotels in the city, hotels such as the Petit Palace Canalejas.

Madrid for two

Madrid is another destination we recommend for this Valentine’s Day 2017, because of its leisure, history and culture. A city with hotels as beautiful as the Petit Palace Triball where you can enjoy taking unique walks (such as those on offer in the Retiro Park, or along Gran Vía), having romantic dinners in exquisite restaurants, and treating yourself to things you love and other whims.

A Valentine’s Day with a Mediterranean flavour

Walking hand in hand along the beach in Barceloneta, discovering the nooks and crannies of the Barrio Gótico, getting lost in the intricacies of Park Güell and discovering the majestic Montjuïc are some of the things that are always worth doing when you visit Barcelona. A destination that gets even more romantic if you choose a hotel such as the Petit Palace Barcelona.

Petit Palace Triball: only a change of name

Just in case this is new for you, we are Petit Palace Triball hotel, ex Italia, but the name is the only change since our identity, services and attitude are still the same.

That’s why today we want to talk about our rooms in Gran Via Madrid, you will be surprised with the hotel’s facilities:

Double rooms: ideal for breaks with your couple, best friend or for a business trip. Large beds,hydromassage shower, desk, laptop, free Wi-Fi among other facilities.

Triple rooms: Queen size beds, full bathroom with hydromassage shower, satellite TV and cradle are some of their characteristics. The perfect accommodation for a couple with a child, or for a weekend with friends.

Quadruple rooms: with four large and comfortable beds, theseare fully equipped rooms to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Maybe for two couples, a group of friends a¡or a family with two children.

Quintuple rooms: perfect for a family or a group. Large single beds, spacious room and lots of facilities for everybody.

Sextuple rooms: these are the largest rooms of the hotel, and they are the perfect accommodation for big families and groups. They have six comfortable single beds among other facilities.

Additional services included in all the rooms areaccess for disabled people, XXL sized beds, extra cradle, varied amenities, and free Wi-Fi, apart from others such as medical service, 24 h reception, or tourist information.

The Petit Palace Triball hotel is the perfect accommodation for a break in Madrid with your friends or family. 25 % off direct bookings on our official website! What are you waiting for?

What hides Vincci The Mint name in Madrid

It’s a bird…a plane…No! it’s a completely different hotel! and it’s opening in the centre of Madrid. This is what Vincci The Mint name hides. A new concept of hotel for travellers of the 21st century of the hotel chain Vincci Hotels. Fresh and modern style perfect for classic lovers, as well as for businessmen under Google influence, with a funny touch but with high-class and great design. All these and much more at Vincci The Mint.

Apart from the great interior design, this new hotel in the Spanish capital is part of the concept of boutique hotel or design hotel, which apart from its privileged location, reflects new values that generation in their 30s like: freedom, independency, personality, style, group loyalty and  nostalgia for childhood and adolescence details with high significance. Is the paradise for moderns and hipsters? A little bit, and it’s also really trendy!

Vincci The Mint, design hotel in Madrid

Vincci The Mint, design hotel in Madrid

The interior designer Jaime Beriestain from Barcelona took special care on every detail in order to create a cool and innovative space with classic and vintage touches. Amazing contrasts, special spots, spacious areas and small facilities and colours giving a great atmosphere and producing surprising effects: surprise guests with charming spaces, in which they want to stay forever, share with people and take pictures.

Differentiators and outstanding points:

  • Food truck at the rooftop: a different type of understanding gastronomy, as takeaway establishments and typical picnics on the countryside. A place where to relax and share food.
  • Suites so refreshing as its green mint colour. Spacious with modern furniture.
  • The reception is a bar with access to Gran Via. As you enter to the hotel to book a room, you should do it at the huge bar inside, so as you are answering questions like what’s your name?; Are you staying alone?; How long are you staying?, you are also enjoying a welcome cocktail.
  • Location. If you really want to enjoy the capital, there’s nothing better than booking one of its rooms at Gran Via in Madrid.

Interesting points near Vincci The Mint:

●      Puerta del Sol

●      Plaza Mayor

●      Plaza de España

●     Circulo de Bellas Artes

●     Madrid Royal Palace

●      Cibeles

●      Callao

●      Preciados

Unforgettable travel to the middle of the world

As some of the frequent city visitors say, it’s “the planet’s navel”. Ecuador is one of the most emblematic city in Latin America. Quito has been awarded several times as Leading Destination in southern America. It emerges from and Andean ridge where to enjoy the great climate, the picturesque streets, not to mention its kind people, with whom you can share a weekend or business trip to Ecuador’s capital.

Quito, colourful city

It’s one of the most ethnic and colonial cities in south America. You cannot miss the opportunity of visiting this amazing city. That’s why you can find below some of the must-see places in Quito.

What to see in Quito?

  • Plaza de la Independencia: it’s located in the historic city centre. You can find the Government House and the metropolitan cathedral in the surrounding area.

  • Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal: a large walk of artisans where you can find typical Ecuadorian gastronomy at affordable prices and beautiful crafts. Compared with other craft markets, La Mariscal is the one with the best order and prices.

  • San Juan Basilique: Quito is full of churches. One of the most beautiful ones is Voto Nacional Basilique and also San Juan Basilique. There’s not a bigger gothic building in America and its gargoyles and external structure reminds us of Notre Dame.

Room of the Dann Carlton Quito Hotel

Room of the Dann Carlton Quito Hotel

Where to stay in Quito?

If you plan to visit Quito to experience new adventures and relaxing activities, you should stay in a place that fits your needs.Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the perfect place to stay among all possible options. However, the Dann Carlton Quito Hotel is perfect for you. It’s located in the financial centre of Ecuador and close to emblematic places in the city like Parque de La Carolina, Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa or Naciones Unidas Avenue. This luxury hotel at affordable price has more than two hundred rooms, thirteen event and meeting rooms and the exclusive Liverpool Bar.

Don’t forget to check the special offers of Dann Carlton Quito Hotel: weekend deals and couples offers (weddings and anniversaries).