Olé has arrive to the Caribbean

The Caribbean area has always been irresistible for the Spanish hotel chain, sooner or later they end up arriving across the Atlantic. Olé hotels, and specialized resort in beach family holidays isn’t the exception, and launched an exclusive resort in Playa Blanca, one of the best beaches in Cayo Largo.

Despite just having 3 hotels in Spain, Olé hotels can presume of its all-inclusive accommodation in Playa Blanca, a 4 star service that opened with two special offers:Freechildren accommodation and the lowest online price if you book through their website.

Olé hotel in the Caribbean

Olé hotel in the Caribbean

One of its features is precisely its price, being one of the most affordable family resorts in Playa Blanca, it alsostandsoutthanks to its unique facilities, with a Caribbean style, with a traditional Cuban touch, to make you enjoy the destination.

Along with the privileged location, the guests love the outer pools with Jacuzzi, the sports variety, and enjoy the high quality service and hygiene in the common areas and accommodations with an exit directly to Playa Blanca.

A good option if you’re travelling with children in the Caribbean.