Seville: the most entertaining Andalusian destination

There’s nothing compared to Seville, the most important city in the south of Andalusia and one of the most visited cities in the country. It has many monuments which are visited by millions of tourists every year, and exploring Seville with friends is an amazing experience. If you and your friends are planning a similar travel, write down these recommendations. You will discover an incredible city, full of history and impressive landscapes.

What to see or do in Seville?

Guadalquivir, Sevilla

Guadalquivir, Sevilla

●      You must visit Seville’s Cathedral. Stop in front of it and admire it calmly. Locals walk in front of it frequently and horse-drawn carriages stroll behind this impressive temple. Cristobal Colon remains can be found in Seville’s Cathedral.

●      You should visit Torre del Oro. It’s one of the most emblematic places in Seville. Its golden façade with antique gold shells is amazing. Its tiles reflect on Guadalquivir waters. Its golden colour comes from its glory times and now it’s Seville’s Naval Museum.

●      Walk through Seville and enjoy Triana. Guadalquivir is Seville’s symbol. It’s a navigable river which is one of the most important instruments of communication and trade. It hosts Triana’s Bridge, an art and architecture’s work which transports you to Triana Neighbourhood, a picturesque area that will just amaze you as Seville’s Cathedral: people weaving, artisans, locals greeting people passing by. Don’t miss the opportunity of admiring one of the best well-preserved neighbourhoods in Spain.

Tips for eating out in Seville

Despite people usually talks about what to do or what to visit before dying, in Seville people talks about flamenco and tapas you should taste before dying.

According to some Seville’s visitors, in this city you can eat amazingly well . Here’s a list of the tapas that you should taste  in Seville:

  •  Tuna chunks with salmorejo sauce
  • Cod fritters
  • Raviolis with mustard and honey sauce
  • Pringa amuse-bouche
  • Sanbers’ Andalusian Caprice.

Where to stay in Seville?

Seville’s accommodations must be as good as the beautiful sights and delicious gastronomy of the city, so here’s a list of the Top 3 hotels in Seville, with one of the best price-quality ratios:

Visit Granada and Sierra Nevada without difficulties

The heroic and famous Granada bounded by Sierra Nevada is a popular touristic destination in Spain. Every year national and international tourists visit the city to know about this Nazari-kingdom history. They also travel to Granada to enjoy skiing in Sierra Nevada.

If you are planning to visit Granada, whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, you should read this article. Come on!

Visit Alhambra and Parque de Ciencias in Granada

The Alhambra is a World Heritage Siteandatouristiciconinthis Spanish region.Everyyearmillionsofpeoplevisit this amazing monument.

We also stand out the impressive Parque de Ciencias, where science is shown in a dynamic and original way. You will enjoy the activities of movements of rotation and translation of the planet, playing with sounds or electricity experiments.  You cannot miss it.

Cold and sky in Sierra Nevada

Granada’s weather suits all tastes. Apart from the sunny places in the citysuchasFedericoGarcia Lorca park, there are also snowy places such as Sierra Nevada, which in fact affects the city climate.

Spanishpeoplealways thinksaboutGranada if they want to practice sky. So if you want to experience something different you should visit Sierra Nevada.

Moreover, you should choose the best mountain hotel in Sierra Nevada, Vincci Rumaykiyya.

If you are staying in the centre, you should stay at Albaicin

AlbaicinneighbourhoodisUNESCO’sWorld Heritage Site, therefore it’s a pleasure to stay there. A great  accommodation in the centre of Granada is perfect for a shopping day in the city centre, where we can find many crafts and Nazari art pieces, as well as enjoying one of the best Spanish gastronomy at any of the restaurants located between Granada’s Cathedral and Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Just delicious!

Seville has a special flavour

Sevilla has a special flavour. Sevilla tastes like art, tradition, ancient cuisine, fresh and salty, sauces and dishes, fried food, salads…it tastes like everything within it, with its essential grace that dazzles whoever visit it. It is the capital of Andalusia and it brings together the typical dishes of the region: for example, there is no better place to taste the different types of gazpachos orsalmorejos, since there are restaurants of each province in its streets, offering with the very joy of the city, the traditional cuisine brought from their place of origin.

Gastronomy in Sevilla is an historical concept, a ritual that no one can (and should not) escape, because, in order to discover the city’s essence, eating in Seville and doing it well is an inevitable step.

Large restaurants often require prior booking, many of which allow you to do it online, so it’s easier to schedule your tasting route of your gastronomic trip to Seville.platesandtapasare more curious, with free will: the idea here is improvise and get lost in the streets of the city, with the aromas coming out of the taverns and your craving of the moment.


theschedule to order food are long and many of thetapasbars are open all day long, from breakfast to dinner and a little bit more. Ham, squids, gazpachos, olives…And local winesarethe best combination with thespecialtiesthat fill the bars of these pubs decorated with oldcoloredprints.

If you’re staying in a hotel in the centre Sevilla or you’re thinking of booking in an accommodation in the area of Barrio de Santa Cruz , the most central of all-you will have at your disposal the best streets and plazas to enjoy all the tastes of this traditional cuisines.Taverns, traditional pubs, their delicious plates served with their wine and their beers, the kind of the neighbours who come religiously every day to enjoy an aperitif in the bars … To organize atapas route through thecenter of Seville is a must you have to include in any trip to this capital.

Hotels and accommodations in Seville:

–          Canalejas Sevilla Hotel

–          4 star accommodations in the centre of Sevilla

–          Family accommodations in Seville

How to choose the right accommodation in Cadiz

Cadiz province is one of the most touristic ones in Andalusia, therefore it can boast about its large accommodation offer. Urban hotels located right in the centre of the city, spa hotels in Cadis,  hotels in Sancti Petri and beach resorts in Conil or Roche. It’s a rough competition due to the low prices and basic services, with a lot of options they’re all tending to offer a specialized service,

Choosing the right accommodation may not be easy in this situation; travellers shouldn’t make haste but looking for a hotel in Cadis and making a proper process of searching, comparison and selection takes time, however, picking your ideal hotel can be a piece of cake just by following the next tips:

First: Travelling with?

Deciding with whom are we going to spend our holidays will make the difference about which hotel are we going to choose. If we’re thinking on spending holidays with family, aim for a more complete hotel with specialized kid’s activities so the adults can entertain in other services as well. A hotel for the whole family to enjoy.

Second: Holiday type

Sports, Relaxation, adventure, gastronomy, culture… There are several reasons to travel, you just have to be clear about which ones are yours in order to fulfil your goals and don’t end up ruining your holidays. Time is always running and having too many and too different activities planned may cause more stress than comfort.

If you love sports, booking a golf hotel in Chiclana  is a good option where you can find some of the best golf courses in Andalusia or book a hotel in La Barrosa beach where you can fully enjoy the wind and Atlantic Ocean waves.

If you like to know the culture, gastronomy and lifestyle of the destination instead, the best choice would be a Hotel right in the centre of Cadiz, this allows you to enjoy the city day and night, no car needed and create your daily travel itinerary according to the events that the city will offer.

Third: Our budget

When you think of your holidays there is no place for austerity measure: we work the whole year to give ourselves the pleasure…but, holidays shouldn’t ruin our economy. That doesn’t mean we have to give up the good things, however it’s important to compare in order to find what you want with a more affordable price.

In order to do that, you can take advantage of these options anytime of the year: The well known early booking (Early booking hotel discounts), last minute offers (running the risk of losing that desired or needed room), booking directly on the official hotel website (saving time without bothering with an intermediary) and the own hotel offers that are published online.

It is easy to get a Kids Stay Free promotion or other services included such as free breakfast or free spa, sport or entertain access if you’re travelling with your family.

Places to visit in Andalusia: Chiclana

Chiclana is one of the most attractive places in the Andalusian coast as far as tourism is concerned.

Located next to San Fernando and very close to the city of Cádiz, it combines nature, beach, sports and dozens of cultural and gastronomic activities allowing you to plan an interesting holiday whenever you travel. In Chiclana you will find plans for all tastes. 

Washed by the Atlantic Ocean, with wonderful sand beaches and natural areas such as the Sancti Petri marshes, Chiclana is offering more and more complete accommodations, restaurants and leisure, especially targeted at family tourism.

 Iberostar Andalucia Playa

Friendly destination, perfectly connected to the main Andalusian cities, Chiclana has all the advantages of being one of the largest cities in Cádiz with better services. But, above all, it has one of the most complete traditions and historical developments in this region. If you want to know in-depth this place, and if you have booked a room in La Barrosa beach or close to Sancti Petri, you will easily access to the centre of the city and to the seven main places of interest: the called seven magical points.

These key points in Chiclana are the places where you can enjoy the best views of Cádiz bay in the city, where are located some of the most historical architectural ensembles, cultural routes and art centres.

One of them is, for example, Santa Ana hill, from where you will appreciate a panorama of the entire bay. Another magical place is the called Loma del Puerco, where the “Battle of La Barrosa” was fought, Sancti Petri Castle and its sunsets, Las Salinas del Pinar de los Franceses, El Carrascal, the views of the big countrysides of Chiclana from Miralmar, next to Conil and, finally, La Espartosa pine grove. 

As for accommodation, it is usual to book a spa hotel in Chiclana or a golf hotel in Chiclana, since relaxing and doing sports are the favourite activities of those going on holiday to this area of Cádiz Province. Besides the centre, another option to stay is the before mentioned La Barrosa beach, Sancti Petri housing development, San Fernando or Cádiz city.

Places to visit in Andalusia: Isla Canela (Huelva)

Isla Canela in Huelva represents one of the quietest and most exclusive places to travel to the Andalusian coast and enjoy a holiday on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean with all types of comforts.  Located just one step away from the southern border of Portugal, Isla Canela is one those natural spots where tourism is perfectly integrated.

Surrounded by marshes, wetlands, woods and long sand beaches, Isla Canela is situated one step away from Ayamonte, one of the most traditional towns in the coast of Andalusia, with lively tapas routes, cuisines from all over the world and Andalusian specialities, playgrounds, museums, theatres, cinema… The perfect complement for those who, during their holiday, want to have a shopping day, visit cafés and go to theatre, for example.

 Golf hotel in Huelva

Isla Canela beach, with 5 km long, is a reference in Costa de la Luz because of its beauty and complete services for families with children. Even though it is an Atlantic beach and is perfect for windsurf lovers, it is an ideal setting to spend long and amusing days with the children, swim, play and sunbathe away from the crowds. In the surroundings we find some of the best hotels and resorts with family rooms in Costa de la Luz.

As regards culture, although the tourist area of Isla Canela is especially focused on beach attractions, in the centre of Ayamonte you can enjoy a complete leisure experience as in the main cities of Andalusia.

Its historical heritage stands out for the architecture of Mudejar influence, baroque buildings, and constructions such as the big houses built by the indianos.

The Temple of La Merced, Las Angustias Parish Church, Barrio Alto, San Antonio Chapel. Marqués de Ayamonte Palace, Torre de Canela… Thousands of places to enjoy the beauty of the most traditional art and its environment.

Another of the main attractions of this area in the Andalusian coast is golf course with 18 holes situated in Isla Canela, a top rated setting for those who love this thrilling sport. If you look for a good golf hotel in Isla Canela, you just need to check those located near to this large golf course, which is a point of reference for some of the most important professional competitions in Spain.

Places to visit in the coast of Andalusia: Marbella

Marbella is the summer capital in Malaga, one of the places of reference in the world as for the most luxurious and exclusive tourism: celebrities, politicians and public figures from all countries meet in this small spot in the coast of Malaga every year to enjoy the sun and the lively nightlife.

Luxury shops, marinas with some of the most important yachts in the world, top level art galleries and centres, boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, jeweller’s and watchmaker’s, mythical discos, fashionable bars… All this is Marbella.

Iberostar Marbella Coral Beach Hotel

Iberostar Marbella Coral Beach Hotel 

But, although Puerto Banús is the key are for jet set tourism, Marbella is much more than glamour and famous people. This locality has a wonderful natural environment, with mountains and the known tour of the white towns of Malaga as two of main attractions in this area. Besides, in this green area of the mountains of Marbella, very close to the coast but in a quieter area, is located the known Golf Valley, where are situated some of the most important golf courses in Andalusia.

As for accommodation, one of the best options is to book a room next to the centre of Marbella, in order to have culture, leisure and gastronomy within reach without giving up the peace and quiet of the beach to enjoy as a family without the daily cares and worries.  Choose a spa hotel in Marbella or a beach resort close to Puerto Banús.

As for moving around, if you are not staying right in the centre of the city, the most recommended is to opt for renting a car or to take the opportunity to know the surroundings of the municipality, from the wonderful beaches in San Pedro de Alcántara to the mountains, the Marbella Casino…  Planning a couple of excursions, at least during the stay, is really worth it.

Andalusia: sun, beach and much more

Andalusia is one of the most extensive territories in Spain. Andalusia is south, colour, joy, street life, squares, terraces. It is ham, gazpacho and the smell of espetos that will accompany you all along the coast. Andalusia is the sun that illuminates its long white sand beaches and its beautiful natural spots. It is cinema, theatre and flamenco passion. It is all that and more. This region boasts some of the most idyllic beach paradises in the planet.

Andalusia offers such a different holiday destinations that you can suddenly find yourself in the middle of a desert or relaxing under the sun in one of those Adults Only hotels in Huelva where everything seems to stop and time stops counting. One of the classic summer areas is Marbella with its glamour and its lively Puerto Banús.  There are plenty of beach resorts, golf and spa accommodations and small 5-star boutique hotels reserved only for the most demanding budgets.

If we keep travelling the coast, we can find simple and family places, such as areas of holiday hotels in Fuengirola or wonderful resorts in El Toyo, Almeria, just a few steps away from the amazing Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. It is worth mentioning the cosy Jerez, a land where cuisine and wine can turn the holiday into an authentic experience for the palate. Booking a golf hotel in Jerez is another alternative that combines the best of this destination with the passion for one of the most exclusive sports.

We cannot miss Seville, which deserves not just one visit but several. The capital gathers the best of Andalusia and although it has not beaches, it offers a wide range of nightlife, gastronomic and cultural plans that perfectly make up for that lack. Whether you are traveling to Seville for business or tourism, the city will give you a thousand experiences that will make you wish to return. As for accommodation, variety is the spice of life: there you will find boutique hotels in Santa Cruz neighbourhood, right in the heart of the historic centre of Seville, family hotels, hostels, guesthouses and hotels for events next to Isla Mágica, one of the main attractions in the city.

Finally, we must talk about Cádiz, a little treasure where you can fulfill all your dreams. Endless beaches, beach bars where you can try some of the most exquisite delicacies of the coast, art, culture, history and music in each of its streets, craftsmanship and tradition, golf, surfing, hiking, funny plans with children, unforgettable romantic escapades… Staying in Cadiz is always a good choice, even to stay just a couple of days away from all worries. The best areas are Calas de Roche, Calas de Conil, the resorts in La Barrosa beach, in Chiclana, and La Tacita de Plata.

Andalusia: Spanish travellers’ favourite destination

When Spanish people think of holiday, probably the first word on their mind is South. Although the north of Spain is even more charming, more affordable, less exploited and offers more complete gastronomy, tourism statistics are clear: national tourists prefer to stay in Andalusia as main destination for holiday.

Galicia, Asturias, the Basque Country, Mediterranean coast, Tarragona and Barcelona cannot compete with the almighty Andalusia. Its diverse landscapes and traditions, good connections between provinces and, especially, the high number of sunshine days in contrast with other northern communities, make it the region with highest number of national visitors every year in the entire country, with 26,6 millions of trips made by Spanish people and 7,6 millions by foreigners.

Tourism industry is especially established in coastal areas, offering all types of accommodations and holiday concepts, from rel=”nofollow”spa hotels in Chiclana, Cádiz, to golf hotels in Isla Canela, All Inclusive hotels in Torrox-Costa, Malaga, and spa hotels in Marbella.  We cannot miss the traditional accommodations in Torremolinos, resorts in El Toyo – Retamar, next to Cabo de gata, exclusive Adults Only hotels in Huelva beaches, charming hotels in the centre of Seville, and luxury resorts in Jerez.

Gastronomy stands out as far as complementary tourism offer is concerned, looking always for excellence and providing complete packages with theme getaways for enjoying the traditional cuisine, and typical wines and oils from the south of Spain.

Nature boasts its best landscapes in Huelva, the Gulf of Cádiz, Doñana National Park, Isla Cristina marshes, Roque beaches and those located close the hotels in Calas de Conil; Almeria and its Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, the surroundings of Valle del Golf, and its famous white villages route.

For those who look for culture, Seville and Granada are the favourite destinations, since they combine art, history, heritage and a unique atmosphere.  Likewise, small coastal towns such as Motril, Almuñécar or Sancti Petri are usually traditional culture centres, ideal for immersing yourself in the Andalusian roots.

Most of national trips are gathered close to the hotels in Fuengirola beach, Torremolinos, Nerja, Roquetes de Mar, El Toyo, La Barrosa and Isla Cristina.  Non-coastal towns are almost reserved to rural and active tourism experiences, family trips and travellers wanting to get away from it all and enjoy the charm of the most authentic Andalusia.  In this area, the most visited towns are those located close to Sierra Nevada, especially preferred by winter sports lovers.  Monachil, Pinos, Genil, Güejar Sierra…