Canarian Gastronomy: A unique flavour

Canarian gastronomy is one of the most varied, surprising and international in Spain. Apart from the influence from mainland Spain through the rich and tasteful stew dishes, Canarian’s have in their recipe book innovative proposals with clear african, venezuelan and Brazilian roots.

 Canarian Gastronomy Papas arrugas

Fried banana, “papas arrugas” or the delicious “gofio” balls that are a the perfect side dish for many of the traditional dishes of the island: the gastronomy from the Canary Islands can be an unforgettable experience for food lovers that travel to the island for the first time.

Its exceptional climate, with mild winter temperatures and great humidity throughout the year has favoured the growth and farming of products with a tropical origin and give local dishes  and recipes that unique touch. Both fish and meat have a specific weight on their diet, but without a doubt, it is the fruits that make a difference.

Many of the hotel’s restaurant services have learned to profit from this gastronomic excellence by offering attractive typical recipes of great quality, difficult to find outside the traditional local restaurants.

Typical Yaiza Lanzarote stew canarian gastronomy Spain

One of the hotel chains that has specially looked after this gastronomic service is Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, that has created a cookery classroom within one of its most iconic hotels, the luxury hotel in Tenerife, Grand Hotel Mencey, where cooking lessons and special wine tastings are organised.

Other resorts in the Canary Islands that can be recommended for a gastronomic trip are:

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