Cádiz is a party

There are so few places in the world where the party essence is as clear as in Cádiz. This Andalusian province, privileged with the highest number of sunny days in Spain and with unique white sand beaches, is an always-lively place. The city of Cádiz and places such as Chiclana are the most active areas during the year, but all the municipalities and neighbourhoods of this region offer that tireless spirit that makes us always to smile.

Lively, dynamic and talkative, Cádiz is a constant party even in this time of the year.  February, carnival month, is the most important month for the people from Cádiz, who fill every corner with chirigotas, bustle, music and dance.

Iberostar Hotels in Cadiz

Hotels in Cadiz

The deep light which characterizes it and covers its entire Atlantic coast is a treasure in these winter months, when the rest of Europe is plenty of coats and blankets, and the grey colour paints the streets since the morning until the night.

A trip to Cádiz is one of the best plans that any traveler can do in this month of February. Take advantage of the carnival, get a long weekend or a holiday and book a spa hotel in Cádiz or a room in the centre of the city. Prices are really affordable in this time of the year and there is a wide range of options since the most visited areas are still in low season.

Bearing in mind that the municipalities of this province are very close to each other, the best accommodation option, is you are looking for quality and economy, are precisely the coastal areas. There are luxury golf hotels in Chiclana that you can now book at good price, but if you want to enjoy the Carnival ambience of the city, hotels in Cádiz have a wide variety of boards, so you can book Room Only and get very affordable rates.

If you want to make the most of the trip, you must pay attention to the transport. Whether you opt for the centre of Cádiz, Chiclana or San Fernando, renting a car is the perfect option to travel the province and visit so wonderful places such as Calas de Conil or Calas de Roche. Some hotels even offer accommodation + car packages, so you have not to worry about it and usually you get best rates when you book all together.