CADIZ: beach destination for 2014

Very few beach destinations exist in Spain like Cadiz: the coast of this Andalusian province is unique when one is looking for a beach paradise, with very little construction and the natural environment practically intact.

Although it is true that the sea is less friendly than that in the Levante area and the wind is stronger along the Atlantic coastline, however, the advantages that the beaches of Cadiz have over the Mediterranean are multiple especially if you are thinking about a romantic getaway surfing or simply a trip with a group of friends.

Hotel in Calas de Conil

Hotel in Calas de Conil

The Cadiz coast has a special charm, more animation, with a young and natural ambience, if you compare it with some of the well-known Mediterranean resorts such as Benidorm, Torremolinos, Fuengirola or Marbella. Cadiz is synonymous with enjoyment because the locals have it in their blood and wherever you go it is impossible to escape this humour which touches everything with a smile.

However, it is also possible to find peace in this area of Cadiz because it is one of the few places along the Spanish coastline where you can switch off, leave behind the frantic city pace and just enjoy the beaches of Cadiz.

This is especially true in areas like Conil de la Frontera, where the coast appears to be a never-ending beach of fine sand submerged by the waves of the Atlantic and bathed in brilliant sunshine almost every day of the year. (It is because of this light and the exceptional highlights that Cadiz is known as the tacita de plata, the silver cup).

Rooms in Cala de Conil

Rooms in Cala de Conil

Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes, los Canos de Meca…….are all first class beach destinations but if you want to relax, your best option is to reserve a hotel in Calas de Conil: rest in a bedroom next to Roche Bays which will be inaugurated for 2014, is an infallible remedy against stress.

Due to the fact that there is limited accommodation in this area it is advisable to book early, in particular if the hotel is in Roche or Nova Santi Petri, to confirm your accommodation and avoid last minute surprises.

The hotels in Calas de Conil are of a medium/high category with a variety of services such as: Free Internet, restaurants, bars, winter and summer swimming pools, spa and wellness areas, water sports and, of course, golf.

In the area there are various high level courses with circuits for experienced players and beginners.

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