Bucaramanga, the Colombian city of parks

Bucaramanga is one of those places where you just want to turn off your cell phone, take off your watch and let the city guide you through its lovely streets an undiscovered places in the city. This little piece of heaven full of magic, identity and personality. Not in vain it’s the city called the “ciudad bonita” (pretty city) by the locals.

The city located northeast of Colombia, in the Santander department, over the east Andes. The city is famous thanks to its parks, appreciate by the tourists and residents too.

Therefore, the best way to know the city is making a tour through the Bucaramanga parks located around the whole city. Both if you’re traveling along and want to enjoy the environment and find a nice spot to read or if you’re with your family or your couple and want to enjoy a memorable experience surrounded by the beautiful fauna and the special places designed to relax.

Some places you can’t miss if you’re travelling to the Buracamanga’s most touristic places are the Parque del Agua, with 3, 6 hectares or the Parque de las Palmas, one of the most emblematic parks of the city surrounded by cafés and restaurants.

We also recommend you to pay a visit to the García Rovira Park downtown, the Antonia Santos Park with an exotic vegetation, or the Santander Park, which is near to other touristic spots such as the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, The Club del Comercio or the international centre of the Triada.

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