The best spa treatments

Knowing the best spa treatments of the moment for the skin, is one of the most comfortable ways to maintain the skins health effortlessly.

Simply, find the spa centre that is adequate for our requirements and enjoy the care and the advice of qualified professionals.

In this sense, it is very important to choose a reputable professional spa centre as we will put our health in their hands, so that we should not spare on guaranties.In Spain, there are numerous renowned spa centres, with specialised personnel in relaxation massage and therapists and dermatologists responsible for the area of physical health treatments.

The variety ranges from the famous Balneario de Mondariz, a traditional centre of hot springs in southern Galicia, the renowned and innovative YHI Spa at the golf hotel in Marbella Melia La Quinta: a 1,500 m² area with the latest proven methods of health and well-being located in a luxury hotel in Marbella, surrounded by nature.

Best spa treatments, a universe to live in Marbella

The ideal is to organise a series of regular visits, especially during these winter months, to protect the skin from the harsh weather conditions and prepare it for the summer.

It is also critical to coordinate a pattern with the best spa treatments for all skin types, among which are the following:

  • Thermal circuits: hot springs are a pokie games natural source of beauty. They have a number of components that help the skin care, improving blood circulation and providing unique nutrients that are in this type of water. One of the most modern thermal circuits in Europe is precisely the spa hotel in Marbella Meliá La Quinta, which also includes eight innovative natural treatment rooms.
  • Facial Massage: although less known than other areas of the body such as legs or back, facials are indispensable to keep skin smooth and retain their elasticity and improve its appearance, protecting it from premature stress and delaying the appearance of the typical signs of ageing: wrinkles, sagging, etc.
  • Nutritious facial masks: mud, chocolate, red clay, honey… The possibilities are endless and all skin types require a different one. At the same time, if you have a dermatological illness, consult with a specialist, as there are treatments that can adapted and will significantly improve, with little care, the health and appearance of the skin.

Melia La Quinta Spa & Wellness Hotel in Marbella

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