Beautiful Cala d’es Xuclar

Cala d’es Xuclar in Ibiza is a beautiful cove with fine sand full of little pebbles and a magical charm that’s very easy to see.

It’s still less well known than other coves in the surroundings of Portinatx, such as Cala Xarraca or Cala de s’Illot d’en Renclí. But Cala d’es Xuclar still manages to attract few people, and those that do visit only have to experience a few of its features to become hooked.

Cala des Xuclar Ibiza

Cala des Xuclar Ibiza

The water’s brightness and purity, the peacefulness and the environment in which Cala d’es Xuclar is found are truly outstanding.

Cala d’es Xuclar is a cove of fine, white sand packed with small and medium-sized stones. The cove flows into a corridor of crystal-clear water, flanked by rock on both sides before opening onto the sea. Two old wharfs or escars lead onto a wild point that, luckily, looks like it’s there to stay. Let’s cross our fingers. Not even the kiosk seems invasive to visitors.

Marconfort El Greco Hotel

Hotel Marconfort El Greco

On the right-hand side of Cala d’es Xuclar, the vegetation is made up of pine trees that take on a more pleasant perspective when seen from the sea. There are several hotels close to Cala des Xuclar where to rest and relax during a holiday.

On the left-hand side, a path across the rocks leads onto an almost lunar landscape. Rocks of many different shapes and dark colours mix together to surprise visitors to Cala d’es Xuclar.

Cala d’es Xuclar is close to Cala Portinatx, where Marconfort El Greco Hotel is located.

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