Basic services of family hotels

Family hotels aren’t the way they were before. Nowadays, due to the changes on the demand of new travellers, as well as the evolution of family destinations in Spain, the services of these types of accommodations have changed, leaving some of them behind and promoting other new ones.

Travelling with all the family involves more complications than travelling as a couple, since in many cases yo do not travel only with your kids, but also your uncles and aunts, nephews or grandparents. In these cases, when you travel with a large family, booking an accommodation adapted to these specific needs is essential if you want a pleasant trip to enjoy the holiday.

 Family hotels

Although they all call themselves “family accommodations”, we must bear in mind that not all these hotels offer the basic services that families need nowadays. So we have made a short review of the family hotels in Spain and a list with things you should consider before booking.

1)      Family rooms:  Many hotels offer family rooms but, in fact, you find a double room with extra bed. If you pay a family room, you should ask for a space or special beds for children (some hotels in Madrid of Petit Palace chain offer funny beds specially designed for kids) and certain facilities: DVD, games console, amenities for children, gifts, toys… Even the bathroom should be adapted: it is better a bath than a shower and toilets specially designed for kids. Terraces and balconies should also have a special protection,  with longer railings or enclosed balcony.

2)      Playground or game rooms:  Although urban hotels do not usually offer this kind of spaces, family beach resorts should always have a game area for kids to have fun in their free time.

3)      Miniclub: A must. The truth is that few family hotels in Majorca, the Canary Islands or Andalusia lack this service, since it is one of the favourite ones of kids and adults. Nevertheless, it is important to check if they offer not only play activities but also educational as for environment, sport, languages… Likewise, we should consider if the miniclub offers excursions to the beach, natural parks or to the centre of the town.

4)      Entertainment team and babysitting:  Without them, holiday is not possible. Or at least, it would not be so quiet. A family hotel or resort with a good professional team in charge of entertaining the kids is an advantage that has become a basic service. Some hotels have even extended the working hours of their instructor in order to offer babysitting service at night, so that parents can enjoy a romantic dinner or a night out.

5)      Swimming pools:  Splash pools with slides, jets, circuits of water games…  Family beach resorts in Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote are up to date in this sense and many of them have renewed their swimming areas in order to offer a funny alternative for kids. Some of them have also invested on spas for children and a completely new world for the little ones: Flintstones Hotels.