Barcelona and its sunsets, a perfect plan for summer evenings

To be honest, we must admit the fact that on holiday all stuff feel good and all plans are, as it were, perfect. In fact, there is nothing better than those days off to enjoy all that -unfortunately- we can not afford in our everyday life because of our work routines. During these days, you can take a nap, go for a walk without haste, enjoy coffee at your leisure near the sea at any outdoor bar or gaze at the sunset on the seashore, our featured plan of the month.

Although we can gaze at sunsets anywhere in the world, the fact is that there are destinations where a sunset is something more than that, for instance, Barcelona, a city where you can live a genuine experience while gazing at the sunset.

Sunset in Montjuic, Barcelona

With its majestic beauty and warm charm, Barcelona’s coast gives visitors golden, bright and really romantic sunsets. Nonetheless, there are more appealing areas tan other ones. So, where do you have to go to gaze at these sunsets that are worthy of postcard? The answer lies in the following key points:

The viewpoint of Migdia

Located in Montjuïc, the truth is that this viewpoint hides much more than an amazing views of Barcelona. The viewpoint of Migdia is one of those places in which to enjoy a fairytale sunset with the cityscape of Barcelonian the background. However, to enjoy this experience properly, you should arrive at least one hour before (as it is crucial to get a good spot in the front row).

The bunkers of Carmel

There is no doubt about it: the most beautiful view of Barcelona is in the bunkers of Carmel, a place that, late in the afternoon, is crowded by sunset hunters who want to watch how the sun brightens the capital with golden shades.

Barceloneta beach

There is no place as the beach of Barceloneta to enjoy a romantic and cozy sunset. We recommend a fabulous plan which consists in enjoying a good wine at your leisure in the beach of Barceloneta at sunset.

Hotels in Barcelona for luxury lovers

  • Catalonia Ramblas Hotel

Located in the heart of the city, Catalonia Ramblas Hotel is an ideal hotel for all those who are seeking the best location in the city. A hotel with pool, spa and high quality restaurants just for enjoying a genuine luxury holiday.

  • Catalonia Sagrada Familia Hotel

In addition to its services and its unchallengeable quality, Catalonia Sagrada Familia is bechmark of quality as it gives to its customers an unequalled views of this stunning historic monument. This is a hotel full of amenities where you can enjoy extras such as free WiFi or a private parking in the heart of Barcelona.

  • Catalonia BCN Plaza Hotel

This hotel is ideal for those who want to escape from the bustle of the city and choose quiet places as Fira de Barcelona. Catalonia BCN Plaza Hotel is located here and it is fully equipped with extras such as panoramic balcony, gym or prívate parking.