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Unforgettable travel to the middle of the world

As some of the frequent city visitors say, it’s “the planet’s navel”. Ecuador is one of the most emblematic city in Latin America. Quito has been awarded several times as Leading Destination in southern America. It emerges from and Andean ridge where to enjoy the great climate, the picturesque streets, not to mention its kind people, with whom you can share a weekend or business trip to Ecuador’s capital.

Quito, colourful city

It’s one of the most ethnic and colonial cities in south America. You cannot miss the opportunity of visiting this amazing city. That’s why you can find below some of the must-see places in Quito.

What to see in Quito?

  • Plaza de la Independencia: it’s located in the historic city centre. You can find the Government House and the metropolitan cathedral in the surrounding area.

  • Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal: a large walk of artisans where you can find typical Ecuadorian gastronomy at affordable prices and beautiful crafts. Compared with other craft markets, La Mariscal is the one with the best order and prices.

  • San Juan Basilique: Quito is full of churches. One of the most beautiful ones is Voto Nacional Basilique and also San Juan Basilique. There’s not a bigger gothic building in America and its gargoyles and external structure reminds us of Notre Dame.

Room of the Dann Carlton Quito Hotel

Room of the Dann Carlton Quito Hotel

Where to stay in Quito?

If you plan to visit Quito to experience new adventures and relaxing activities, you should stay in a place that fits your needs.Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the perfect place to stay among all possible options. However, the Dann Carlton Quito Hotel is perfect for you. It’s located in the financial centre of Ecuador and close to emblematic places in the city like Parque de La Carolina, Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa or Naciones Unidas Avenue. This luxury hotel at affordable price has more than two hundred rooms, thirteen event and meeting rooms and the exclusive Liverpool Bar.

Don’t forget to check the special offers of Dann Carlton Quito Hotel: weekend deals and couples offers (weddings and anniversaries).

Fuerteventura, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Lanzarote: you choose

Canarias is like a multi-destination where you could change your mind about your holidays concept.  Although at first sight, it may seem that the archipelago just offers you sun and beaches, every one of its islands hides surprising proposals, which persuade you to visit it again. In fact, each of the territories that make up Canarias allows you to organise a tailor made travel, different and original, with diverse purposes and outcomes.

Today we will take advantage of January’s calm, post-holiday season and the Winter cold to stay home thinking about all good things to come: Holidays. Take out pencil and paper and take notes because we will review some of the proposals that Canarias offers us for this Spring-Summer 2016. If you have never been there, don’t think twice. If you have already been there, start thinking of coming back…

Couples: Lanzarote



Few places like Lanzarote for getting the moon. This island is magic, not just because its fabulous multi-coloured sandy beaches, but the natural beauty of its orography, directly emerging from the depths of the Earth. Lanzarote’s landscape seems to be from another Galaxy, a place where volcanos and ocean meet in such a way that make up a unique colour scheme building the most wonderful history. Sheer cliffs coated by past lava eruptions, vegetation hardly seen over the bare hills like uncharted lunar land, valleys full of deciduous trees, swamps, caves, desert paths…And among one another, small quiet White villages whispering their everyday life histories. Their people and traditions conceal the same calm and relaxed pace. Everything tastes like salt and exotic fruits, spices and sauces. Gastronomy is one of the small treats maintained almost as it was since ancient times and takes your taste back to different eras, destinations and civilisations.

Booking a hotel in Lanzarote is an essential option to be considered for those looking for a romantic getaway, but do not be deluded: a couple getaway has thousands of possibilities in this island. The classic trip for two: idyllic beaches, restaurant by the sea, terraces that seem to have been built to watch the sunset, luxury spa hotels, cosy apartments in the midst of nature…But also the one offering adventure, which invites you to explore every inch of the island, immerse yourself in its forests, get lost in its deserts, climb to the top of its volcanos or venture into the depths of its sea and its lava and fire lands.

Sports are a must in the island. You can enjoy surfing -although it is not as traditional as in Fuerteventura, as we will now see-, diving, sailing, golf, cycling without any hassle. There are companies in the island that provide the necessary equipment and professional guides to accompany us on our adventures. Moreover, hotels and resorts in Lanzarote, especially in touristic areas, provide special services to enjoy leisure and the natural environment at very affordable prices. Lanzarote is a paradise for any budget: transport is economical and comfortable, fully-equipped accommodation at very reasonable rates and flights affordable for anyone who is fortunate enough to book them in advance.

Sports and kids: Fuerteventura

Jandía, Fuerteventura

Jandía, Fuerteventura

It is the most versatile island of the Canary archipelago. A diverse and full of contrasts landscape compared with Lanzarote makes Fuerteventura the perfect destination for those thinking about family holidays or those who want to take a break with friends or partner. It is an excellent destination for everybody, where spending a memorable and unique vacation by simply wishing it. From the famous Dunas de Corralejo to the hotels in Playa de Jandia, where you can enjoy the spectacular beach of Matorral, the natural recovery of which gave all of its beauty back.

Fuerteventura offers everything, from monumental heritage to history, traditional gastronomy, craft, boutiques and typical outdoor markets. The major traveller attraction is the coast, its long sandy beaches and its ideal waves to practice windsurf, the sport of choice in the Canary paradise. International competitions with official rankings take place in Fuerteventura, elected also to host world championships on many occasions, where it is possible to see some of the most famous windsurfers on the planet. Its great climate, with sun and wind makes Fuerteventura the ideal destination for surfing internationally. This had led to the emergence of one of the best service industries, comprising diverse companies and even athletes’ hotels.

But in this surf paradise, children still playing the leading role. Fuerteventura is a family island, full of leisure options particularly aimed at children. It is here where the concept of child friendly hotel has evolved furthest, good examples of this are the child friendly resorts in Jandia with Only Adults spaces reserved for parents to combine family holidays and time for themselves.  Thanks to all these details and services that make this destination offer more versatile, Fuerteventura remains very popular in all Spanish travel agencies and tour operators, over other neighbouring islands. Moreover, its prices are much more affordable compared to other typical sun and beach holiday destinations, and its services are high quality.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife: urban attractiveness

Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey

Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey

The capital of Tenerife is the best place for those who want to visit the Canary Islands, but do not want to spend the days resting on a sunbed. Shopping tours, culture for all tastes, gourmet gastronomy, walks through its beautiful avenues, heritage and colonial tradition on every corner, lively atmosphere and friendly and enthusiastic people. Santa Cruz is unknown to most people, even though it is the focus of attention once a year, thanks to its popular Carnaval. Beyond the masks and the queen of the parade, the capital conceals many secrets that delights those who take time to discover them.  In fact, Santa Cruz takes time to visit and tourists coming from hotels in Costa Adeje or similar touristic areas can just spend one day. So why not devote it a full trip…

Some of the best luxury hotels in Tenerife are located in the capital, such as the emblematic  Grand Hotel Mencey, a 5-star hotel that offers the possibility to rest in one of the oldest hotels in Spain, at a praised historical building in the city. Over the years, many celebrities and billionaires around the globe, like Liz Taylor, have stayed at the hotel.  Despite being a luxury hotel, the Mencey is a traditional meeting point for Tenerife residents. If you don’t have the possibility to stay at the hotel, you can take a cooking course organized by its exclusive culinary classroom in Santa Cruz, having dinner in its restaurant or an appetizer at its lounge terrace.


Santa Cruz is a luxurious city, but at the same time tied to its people histories, identities and spirits. It is full of places that tell us the story of a humble, friendly town wedded to its historical roots.

Fun hotels in Spain?

They are a real option. And they are becoming more and more valued amongst travellers. Fun hotels, most of them designed for children, for youngsters and groups of friends, are beach hotels located in famous destinations that normally offer direct access to the beach and important tourist attractions.

They are a real option. There is such a wide variety of fun hotels available that you can even find some of them with private theme parks in the resort, such as the Sol Katmandú Park in Magaluf or the Picapiedra Hotels, of the same hotel chain and located in almost any first class tourist destination: Majorca, Minorca, Canarias… These last ones have been operating for years and they stirred up the traditional concept of hotel for families, incorporating special services for children and activities devoted to children’s entertainment and parents’ relax.

Hotels with friends in Spain

Hotels with friends in Spain

Apart from Sol Hotels, the portfolio of fun hotels for children and friends has grown with new incorporations, such as the Olé Hotels; some Petit Palace urban hotels, which have bet for family rooms in Madrid and Barcelona with bunk beds, Internet and video games; hotels in Majorca, such as the THE FERGUS Resort and some hotels of the chain Garden Hotels.

The concept of fun hotel varies, of course, depending on the public to which it is addressed. Thus, the family hotels that have entertainment as a hallmark try to combine the calmness adults need with the energy of children. In the case of hotels for youngsters, the idea is clear: services related to partying, to the beach, to DJ sessions, live music, cocktails and restaurants open 24 hours and offering brunches at any time of the day.

In this second group, we can include some of the hotels for friends, although we find a category with the same functions but not so bound to partying and music. We are talking about the Adults Only hotels, which offer activities for couples and for those who, travelling as a group, want to enjoy the destination, the sports, the experiences and even knowing new people in the hotel.

Suggestions for an easy and cheap holiday

Planning a comfortable holiday to the liking of the whole family, full of proposals and at cheap prices might be an impossible mission, especially if one does not have much time to make a search. As we know that time is money, we have made that search for you and we have selected different cheap accommodation options and entertaining plans for you to combine them and create your own personalised holiday quickly and at the lowest price available.

Holidays under the sun

If you want beach, relax, lounging inan idyllic beach, safe entertainment for children and rest, have a look at these options. The hotels in Ibiza, Tenerife and Lanzarote of the Olé Hotels chain are one of the most complete alternatives for family holidays and they include a lot of relax options. They are beach resorts, located in areas with endless services adapted to all type of travellers, in first class destinations that combine cultural, gastronomic, leisure and wellness plans. Today, these hotels are offering very interesting special discounts for early bookings for these dates. You can also get the All Inclusive plan or choose any of the different accommodation plans for all tastes. The long-term stays (more than 7 nights) have reduced prices.

Another cheap option with quality and a wide variety of services are the hotels on Barelona’s coast of Fergus Hotels. This chain, which has expanded its portfolio in the last years, has created hotels for all tastes in strategic locations. We highlight the experience hotels, like THE FERGUS, near Magaluf beach in Majorca; the Style hotels, design accommodations, and the golf resorts, like the new hotel in Matalascañas. As we have already said, if you want to get the lowest price online, we recommend you to make the reservation from the official website.

Loyalty is rewarded, so if you have already been in any of these hotels, inform the manager.

If you are looking for a hotel in the Canary Islands, Iberostar has 3 resorts in Jandia beach for families recommendable for their price, service and location.

Some of them offer reserved areas for adults, so that you can combine a holiday with children with the rest you deserve. They are also perfect for a sun and beach getaway for couples. The Early Booking will allow you to get a 20% discount in the basic rate, but remember that this is applicable only for early bookings, so check out the conditions in advance.


Wellness holidays

Are you looking for a spa hotel in Costa Adeje or a family hotel in Tenerife? Do not search more: we offer you some of the wellness plans with the best quality price ratio. If you are looking for guaranty, do not hesitate: Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, Melià, Barceló, NH… All these large hotel chains offer premium services at affordable prices. A privileged location and a personalised attention are guaranteed, as well as leisure and gastronomic plans that can be the perfect complement for a relaxing holiday.

If you want to stay in the Peninsula, we recommend you the all inclusive hotel in Marbella with the Early Booking promotion, as well as the luxury hotels in Granada, Almeria or Huelva, being Andalusia one of the destinations with the best guaranty of sun in the country. If you are travelling with your couple, we suggest that you choose an Adults Only hotel and that, if you can, check out the special packages of these types of hotels. The wellness option is not the cheapest one, as many wellness services are charged extra, like the massages, the beauty treatments and the sport classes with personal trainer. However, some of these accommodations offer discounts with the reservation of the room whenever it is done through the official website.

Luxury holidays

Are you thinking of a low cost luxury holiday? Yeah. There are a lot of options whenever you make your reservation as soon as possible. The first ones will be rewarded with some holidays at a 5-star hotel at prices of a 3 or 4-star accommodation. The most exclusive ones are the luxury hotels in Santa Cruz, like the Mencey, the Grand Salomé in Costa Adeje, those in Almeria, like the Envía, or the hotels in the centre of Madrid, as the competence between accommodations in the capital is strong and prices have fallen considerably.

However, getting a luxury accommodation is always more expensive, no matter how good the offer is. But, life’s short and we have to try at least once, so if you want to pamper yourself this 2016, hurry up and make your reservation. Make the most of the 5-star early booking discounts while they last!

The luxury, a new holiday experience within your reach

The luxury trips, historically reserved for the high class and for select travellers, have become so popular in recent years that there are more and more travellers who decide to pamper themselves, book a 5-star hotel and enjoy a highstanding trip.

However, we must differentiate between the most democratic luxury (a strange but real concept) and the exclusive luxury, reserved for travellers with an incredibly high income.  We make this distinction because society has changedthe most traditional concept of luxury reserved to just a few lucky ones in the past.

Although it might seem strange considering the crisis we are living right now, people prefer to travel less time, to closer and safer destinations and to invest in high quality hotels which offer new experiences with an added value. Partly, loyalty is lost this way, a concept bound to the luxury sector, in which everything is personalised and the personalised attention and excellency are rewarded with visits years after year by the same clients.

The exclusive attention is kept, but of those middle-class guests who decide to make an effort to enjoy a luxury accommodation, just a few can repeat year after year. Loyalty is lost, but profits rise.

 IBEROSTAR Grand Portals Nous Hotel

IBEROSTAR Grand Portals Nous Hotel

The large hotel chains, those which have an investingoption, are aware of this change in the way of travelling and have bet for this concept, adapting their 4-star accommodations and their luxury hotels toall typeof travellers. An example of this adaptation can be seen at the new hotel in Mallorca inaugurated by IBEROSTAR Hotels and Resorts, where the design d’auteur, the gourmet cuisine and the privileged location make a perfect combination for those travellers looking for a hotel of authentic luxury, beyond the 5star.

Another example of this change of tendency arethe 4 and 5-star Vincci Hotels, among which we highlight the large golf and wellness resorts and the small and select boutique hotels in the main Spanish cities:



The 4-star hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia are a special case: these urban hotels offer experiences and spaces of added value, even more exclusive than those offered by some 5-star hotels in Majorca or in other sun & beach destinations. Competence in the cities is different to competence in destinations of idyllic beaches.

The urban concept has always had its limits: all the hotels compete for the best location (closer or further to the city centre, closer or further to the tourist attractions), have little space in their facilities (being in the city centre prevents extensions) and have limited services due to their location (parking, views…). Because of this, these types of hotels have to make an effort to offer addedvalues: interior design, areas for ad hoc experiences, leisure plans, discounts for the museums, art galleries, famous restaurants or exclusive shops…

The main aim is to convince the user beyond the destination and the hotel’s location, with exclusive services, with an exquisite personal attention, with modern details and state-of-the-art technology bound to relax and rest.

In this category of hotels we find original accommodations such as the Petit Palace Barcelona Museum and business hotels such as the Catalonia Ramblas or the Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, which combines a bit of everything: leisure, relax, work and events.

Estelar Hotels on the Caribbean coast

Summer holidays are a great opportunity to spend more time with your family or couple and enjoy high temperatures and long days. One of the best options we have this year are the Estelar Hotels on the Caribbean coast, located between Cartagena de Indias and Barranquilla and especially designed for a relaxing holiday with a wide range of luxury services.

Cartagena de Indias, especially known for its fishing activity, hosts two of the Estelar beach hotels: Estelar Oceanía Hotel and Estelar Playa Manzanillo Hotel, recognised as one of the best resorts in Colombia. Both hotels are located at the foot of the Caribbean, between El Laguito, Bocagrande and Cartagena de Indias.

In the Estelar Oceanía Hotel, located close to Bocagrande, you will have all the services of a quality beach hotel: babysitter service, pool with solarium, outdoor breakfasts, cafeteria with the best coffee in Colombia… Besides, in the Estelar Oceanía rooms you will have space for the whole family and an independent living room with big windows to admire the views of the city. It is a fantastic option for family trips this summer.

The Estelar Playa Manzanillo Hotel is located at the seafront, in one of the most charismatic cities in Colombia, Cartagena de Indias. It is a magnificent hotel on the coast where you will forget routine in the spa, in the gym or even enjoying sports like basket, tennis, kitesurf or windsurf. The hotel also features a big swimming pool with hammocks at the beachfront.

Our last recommendation for this summer is the Estelar Alto Prado Hotel, located in Barranquilla, a few metres away from one of the best golden sand beaches in Barranquilla. In the Estelar Alto Prado Hotel you will have access to all the necessary services for a complete rest and relax, among them the 24-hour room service for you to have everything you need without leaving the hotel; spa with sauna and massage room and even a beauty salon to look immaculate during your holidays. Do not hesitate: visit our Estelar beach hotels and… happy summer!

Business hotels in Manizales: a safe bet with Estelar.

Manizales is one of the most important business cities in Bogotá, and it belongs to the Coffee Triangle, formed by the cities of Pereira, Armenia and Manizales. These cities are some of the main coffee producers in Colombia, a fact which not only increases its industrial and economic activity, but also its cultural and touristic activity. Besides, Manizales has become an important university city in Colombia. In fact, it is said that the university activity is the second activity in the city after coffee production.

The Estelar Hotel chain, conscious of the importance of promoting all this industrial and economic activity, includes in its portfolio three business hotels in Manizales with all the necessary business services for the celebration of events or for resting after a long work day in the financial area of the city.

The first of these hotels is the Estelar El Cable Hotel, located at the heart of Manizales, in front of Fundadores Park. It is a contemporary building with modern facilities adapted to the clients’ needs. All the rooms, spacious and luminous, have free wifi access, room service and laundry service. Furthermore, all the guests will be able to enjoy a private transport service to arrive without problems at their business meeting in the city.

The Estelar Las Colinas Hotel, in the centre of Manizales, is your best option for the celebration of events and business meetings in Manizales. The Las Colinas Hotel has a rustic but modern style, with wood finishes and parquet floor, 6 fantastic totally equipped meeting rooms and a business centre with all type of amenities for your business. But in Estelar they do not forget rest, so in Estelar Las Colinas Hotel you will find a sauna for you to relax and a pleasant cafeteria where you will be able to taste the best coffees in Colombia. Besides, in Las Colinas rooms you will feell like at home, with a living-room, a work area, minibar and a safe deposit box to keep all your documents and personal items.

Las Colinas Jones meeting room

Las Colinas Jones meeting room

Estelar has an interesting option for those clients who prefer to disassociate their business and their personal life and stay in a unique spot surrounded by more than 20 acres of nature. This is the Estelar Recinto del Pensamiento Hotel, located within 15-minute drive to the city centre and very close to the airport. This hotel will allow you to rest and relax once you finish your business in the city centre, as it features a butterfly farm with hundreds of butterfly species and a chair lift that allows you to go over all the natural paths of this idyllic place. And if you have pending work to do at the end of the day, the rooms of the Estelar Recinto del Pensamiento Hotel offer you a work table, free wifi access, room service and telephone. For the celebration of events the hotel features a chapel and a meeting room for 250 people, apart from the famous Recinto del Pensamiento, the wooden structure built by Simón Vélez for the Expo Hannover 2000.

Let’s go for a bike ride around Madrid

The ecological means of transport are more fashionable than ever and Madrid has been the last European capital to join this growing tendency, inaugurating this summer its system of public bikes. Sport, environment and the comfort of the bike are the main advantages of this means of transport over the car. If we consider the advantages it has for enjoying the city and its tourist attractions, then we have the perfect option for us to travel around Madrid.

BiciMAD is not exclusive for residents, although they have more advantages regarding rates and special bonus: you can have access to the public bikes of Madrid for 15€ a year with your Community transport ticket, 25€ if you pay for a year but you do not have a Community transport ticket, or 50 cents for the first half hour and 60 for the next ones. But if you do not live in Madrid, you will also be able to use the BiciMAD with a season ticket (for 1, 3 or 5 days) for 2€ the first hour and 4€ the second hour. 

Hotel Petit Palace Londres photos

Hotel Petit Palace Londres photos

The service offers 1560 electrical bikes of different categories in 123 different stations (3216 moorings). Besides, there is available a virtual section called Bike office where you can request any type of information and find interesting advice: maps, bike routes, mobility plans and norms of use. 

Although many would think moving around Madrid by bike is impossible due to the traffic, the reality is quite different: going by bike around Madrid is easier and safer every day, although you have to respect the norms and use the areas devised for cyclists, respecting cars and pedestrians. 

Hotel Petit Palace Londres Rooms

Hotel Petit Palace Londres Rooms

Routes to the Casa de campo, tours around Manzanares, circuits around the centre of Madrid…Taking into account the success of this new service, many hotels in Madrid offer a free service of bike rental to their guests. One of the pioneer firms in offering this free service was Petit Palace, a Basque firm specialised in boutique hotels in Spain with a portfolio with more than 30 hotels in the centre of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Salamanca, Bilbao, Malaga and Valencia.

These are some of our recommendations for you to enjoy a relaxing bike tour around Madrid:

–      Drive along the right lane, as the left lane is for faster drivers.

–      Choose the central area of the lane so that car drivers do not overtake you in unsafe areas.

–      Drive in a straight line and signal your turns.

–      Use a side mirror, specially if you are going to drive along busy streets.

–      The use of earphones is forbidden, as they void one of the essential senses for driving.

The Canary Islands welcome you to Paradise

The high tourism season starts now in September in the Canary Islands. While the Mediterranean turns off the lights and Majorca says goodbye to the long sunsets and to its cocktails at the foot of the beach, changing the bustling and hot August for a cold and relaxing September, the Canary Islands bloom. 

Fuerteventura is one of the most visited islands during this time of the year. This island, with a medium size and large hotel services which include from the resorts in Corralejo to the hotels for children in Playa de Jandía and the accommodation in Playa Gaviotas or the rental villas of some of the small mountain villages of the area, offers comfort and different leisure plans, specially to outdoor sports lovers.

Hotel Atlantic Gardens Adults Only

Hotel Atlantic Gardens Adults Only

Lanzarote is another one of the most visited islands during autumn. This magic island will conquer you with its volcanic landscapes, which have made it one of the preferred settings for films, among which we find Doctor Who, Moby Dick and the TV series the Treasure Island. The gastronomic routes and the growing interest for its wine have opened new tourism possibilities, specially in the interior villages, which have always had less visitors than the coastal areas. If you are thinking in a present for your couple, Lanzarote is the ideal island for a romantic trip: look for a goodbeach hotel in Puerto del Carmen or an Adults Only apartment resort in Lanzarote. If your budget is limited, choose one of the many All Inclusive hotels in Lanzarote, in the areas of Papagayo, Playa Blanca, Playa Flamingo… And if you want a hotel for your family holidays, choose a hotel in Lanzarote for children with swimming pools, games, entertainment and everything you need to conclude your summer.

Gran Canarias is a perfect destination, an island full of proposals that combines its big size with the beauty of its capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Despite its size –it is the most densely populated of all the islands of the archipelago-, it has good communications. You will just need a week to discover its main monuments. However, if you are looking for relax, we recommend you book a 10-day holidays and enjoy its beaches and its historic areas: the Casa Colón, the Cathedral, the Dunes of Maspalomas… Getting a cheap hotel in Gran Canaria is relatively easy, specially if you are looking for an accommodation in areas like Mogán, Amadores or Maspalomas. 

And what else can we say about Tenerife? It is one of the most famous islands in the world and one of the most complete for holidays with children at any time of the year. The mountains, the beaches, the landscape, the parties and traditions, the gastronomy… Tenerife seems to have been created for the leisure and enjoyment of its visitors, from the calmness of a cave on the south to the stunning Teide. Booking an accommodation in autumn in Tenerife is easy, due to its wide variety of hotels: you can choose from a spa hotel  in Tenerife to an All Inclusive Hotel in Costa Adeje, a hotel for children in Tenerife or one of those large beach resorts for families in Costa Adeje. We recommend you visit the Teide national park, the capital, Icod de los Vinos, the Masca country house, Los Roques, Montaña Roja…

Hotels for couples in Majorca and Ibiza -autumn 2013

It is a classic: the autumn arrives, children start school, the rentrée looks like a mountain to climb and the next holidays are far off… The best thing to cope with post vacation stress is to start thinking in the long weekends we have this season and to start organising a trip (2 or 3 days, no more) to a calm destination like Ibiza or Majorca, without stress… or children,

For those who decide to enjoy an autumn trip and surprise your couple, we have a short list of romantic hotels that will help you choose the destination and the plan:

The most romantic Ibiza

  • Don Carlos Hotel.- It is the perfect hotel to discover the hidden Ibiza we miss during the parties and enjoyment of the summer and with the glamour of famous people. From this hotel located in the charming village of Santa Eularia des Riu you will be able to visit the most beautiful beaches and coves of the island and enjoy interesting services like the Chill Out with balinese beds in front of the sea.
  • Sol Ibiza.- Also located in Santa Eularia des Riu, close to the marina and the Conference Palace, the Sol Ibiza is a hotel only for people over 15 specially designed for you to relax and enjoy your holidays without kids: Jacuzzi, Turkish bathroom, sauna, solarium, concerts, select gastronomy… Everything at the beachfront.
  • Marina Panorama Hotel.- An Adults Only hotel in Playa de Es Canar: with wellness area, gym, swimming pool, solarium terrace… It is a comfortable hotel with a good atmosphere and an affordable price, ideal for a weekend. It is necessary to check the availability of the hotel, as it is closed out of season.
  • Cala Gració Hotel.- Modern Adults Only hotel in Sant Antoni with a good atmosphere. The indoors of the hotel preserve details of the architecture of Ibiza which will make your stay more welcoming and authentic. The rooms are complete and have amazing gardens that will take you to the beach.
  • Fergus Paraíso Beach.- Located between Es Canar and Cala Martina beaches, this hotel offers a really competitive price and complete rooms, with spacious areas, terrace, large swimming pool and buffet restaurant.

Mallorca for two

  • Marina Luz Hotel.- Located in the centre of Palma, on Palma bay and close to Cala Estancia beach. It is a calm area, ideal to walk along the seaside and enjoy cocktails at sunset. The hotel has an affordable price and it is located just 5 minutes away from the airport, in front of one of the best Beach Clubs of the island.
  • Fergus Bahía Palma Nova.- Located on Es Carregador beach, one of the calmest areas in Palma Nova, the Fergus Bahía Palma Nova is a small boutique Adults Only hotel designed for those who search for a destination where to rest and get away from it all. It has interesting leisure services, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Holiday Garden.- This hotel in Playa de Muro is the best way to enjoy one of the best areas in Majorca for active tourism: trekking, cycling, sailing… or simply lieing down at the beachfront of the amazing Muro beach, with the Albufera Park as backdrop. The hotel has a very good price and complete services: from restaurant to terraces with balinese beds.