Alcudia: A family paradise in Majorca

Alcudia, located north of Majorca, is one of themosttouristicsettlementpreferred for families who visit the Balearic Islands. A lovely place where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful beaches, that offers usallkindofactivities to leisure, entertain and enjoy the local cuisine for all ages.

Both the AlcudiaanddeMurobeaches have a soft white sand, with a long crystalline and shallow water, where you can spare time with your children and without worry.

The Alcudia’s hotel industry is wide, among them, the Iberostar Alcudia Park hotel is perfect if you’re travelling with your family, this hotel, located in the beautiful Playa de Muro, offers you an all-inclusive accommodation, ideal when you’re with your children.

Inside this family hotel in Alcudia you will findafunny playground for kids from 4 to 7 years old, as well as a play zone for children from 8 to 12 years old. But that’s not all, it also has some teenage activities where they can meet new people and enjoy sports like Water polo, beach volleyball, shuffleboard and shooting.

Family hotels in the Bay of Alcudia, Majorca

Family hotels in the Bay of Alcudia, Majorca

If you want to take a swim or just sunbathe, the hotel has several pools, one of them is a kid’s pool, where they can play safety. In addition to that, this family complex is north of Majorca in Playa de Muro, thanks to that you can enjoy the beautiful beach with all the amenities just a few steps away.

Now, if you’re tanned and want to have fun, you will find that around Playa de Muro is one of the most lively areasofnorthofMajorca. Around Alcudia and port Alcudia you will find many shops and restaurants where you can find all you want. Some playgrounds, for the children, a night street market, ice-cream shops, Pancake restaurants, etc. All you need to make your beach holiday perfect.

What are you waiting for? Alcudia is waiting for you and your family. It will be the best holiday ever!