A route around Hamburg

Hamburg is a fishing city, with a harbour -the third biggest harbour in the planet- as the central and vital element which has marked its history, century after century. Today, this harbour is still an essential resource for a city full of cultural charm, economic dynamism and calmness. A perfect destination to get away from it all and discover the north of Germany without giving up the versatility of an always lively city.

Washed by the river Alster and the emblematic Elba, Hamburg is a city of water, bridges and beautiful landscapes. Despite being the second German city with the highest population after Berlin, Hamburg has a special charm which makes it different to most big cities in the world.

Barcelo Hamburg Hotel

Barcelo Hamburg Hotel

In order to discover the authentic Hamburg, there is a must experience every visitor should include in its route: a boat trip along the big harbour of Hamburg. Another interesting tourist attraction is the big period boat museum, the Rickmer Museum, and the island at the end of the Elba’s promenade, where one can contemplate a fantastic view of the city.

Alster’s area also offers magic images, as those which can be contemplated in the Aslter Arkaden. This is a quite exclusive area, with design boutiques and gourmet restaurants. The city hall and the main cultural centre in Hamburg, known as Hamburg Kunsthalle, lie also in this area.

The night route goes through Reeperbahn area, where the main restaurants, pubs and the most lively discos in Hamburg lie. In these streets you can also find cinemas and theatres, although only a few of them offer original versions, so it will be necessary to have a good German knowledge to enjoy them.

Hotel rooms in Hamburgo

Hotel rooms in Hamburgo

Regarding the accommodation in Hamburg, the centre of the city is one of the most comfortable areas, close to the mythical Main Square. Here lie outstanding design hotels close to the Central Station of Hamburg, such as the Barceló Hamburg, an exclusive hotel at the heart of the city and few kilometres away from the airport.

As for the luggage, if you travel to Hamburg outside the summer, you should keep in mind that Hamburg is a northern city, generally with low temperatures. Besides, the strong wind usually makes it feel colder than it really is, so it is necessary that, apart from a comfortable equipment for walking, you take good warm clothes.

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