10 Things to do in Tenerife

The island of Tenerife is the most extensive and most populated of the Canary Islands, and perhaps the most desirable island by tourists from the northern hemisphere. Well known for its exceptional climate throughout the year, this island in the Atlantic Ocean has many proposals for you to enjoy a real and authentic holiday.

The capital of the island is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and at the same time it is also the co capital of the Canary Islands, together with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The Canary Islands are popularly known as the islands of eternal spring. The reason being that the average temperature throughout the year is well above 18ºC.

Fine dining in Tenerife

Fine dining in Tenerife

Bellow you find a list of 10 things to do in Tenerife:

1. Visit the Teide National Park: A World Heritage site and the highest mountain in Spain with an altitude of 3718m

2. Visit the beach of El Medano: It has some special natural protected areas, such as Montaña Roja and Montaña Pelada.

3. Acantilados de los Gigantes: Stunning scenery of the south coast of Tenerife, where the cliffs can reach a height of 500 meters.

4. Manor Houses in Orotava and La Laguna: With typical balconies and patios with amazing wood features.

5. Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Its popularity has reached international levels and has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest.

6. Lucha Canaria and Palo Canario: Both are local sports, which are very popular among the locals.

7. Sailing, Surfing, Windsurfing and Kite surfing: Definitely, one of the greatest pleasures in Tenerife is to enjoy the sea and its waters. Known throughout the world for its favourable climate conditions, you can’t visit Tenerife without enjoying some sort of water sport.

8. Hiking: The island has an extensive path and trail network that lets you enjoy a large variety of excursions. It is also very popular the practise of canyoning and rock climbing.

9. Golf: On the island, there are currently 9 golf courses for all levels. Perhaps it is more popular among tourists, but you can’t miss the opportunity to play golf in a volcanic environment.

10. Gastronomy: The Grand Hotel Mencey has some of the best restaurants in Tenerife, highlighting the restaurant Los Menceyes.

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